Great Divide

Twin Atlantic

Released: 18 August 2014

Genre: Rock

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Hearts on sleeves, the Glaswegian emo rockers are back for a third bite of the cherry.

And the time looks right. New single Heart And Soul has given the quartet their first top 20 hit and there's a tasty Reading & Leeds slot the week the album comes out. The stars are aligned for Twin Atlantic to grab the jugular, and Great Divide rarely holds back.

The order of the day is impassioned, chest-beating anthems, with The Ones That I Love opening proceedings with Sam McTrusty grandstanding about the "youth of today" who've "lost their voice". "Where have I gone wrong?" he asks, figuratively taking on the mantle of the chap who's going to lead them out of this mess. He certainly sounds committed.

That's the nature of the beast. Great Divide is earnest beyond measure, moving from the aspirational messages of Hold On to the finger-pointing hectoring of the slow-burning Brothers And Sisters – "I'm talking to the liars and cheaters!" Chances are your brow'll feel beaten, but there's respite in the lachrymose regrets of Oceans – think Coldplay's Yellow without the pop concessions – and I Am The Animal's raucous Adam & The Ants drums and uplifting chorus.

Truth be told, it can all be a bit much, but Twin Atlantic have a way with a rasping guitar and an aura of unshakeable belief that at least gives Great Divide an edge. You'll just fancy a lie down afterwards.

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