Robert Llewellyn always promises not to make Red Dwarf return

Robert Llewellyn always promises ''never'' to go back to 'Red Dwarf'.

The 56-year-old star - who plays the robotic Kryten in the sci-fi show - never wants to film another series once he has finished working on it, but always goes back eventually.

He said: ''It's one of those shows where at the end I go, 'I'll never do that f***ing show...' but I've said that every single time since 1989.''

Robert assumed recording the 10th series of the programme - the first since mini-series 'Back to Earth' in 2009 - would be strange, but claims every time the crew, including Danny John-Jules, Craig Charles and Chris Barrie, get back together, they feel like they have never been apart.

He said: ''It was weird that it wasn't weird. I must admit the first night of live recording, with the audience, I was bricking it, I was really nervous. Craig wasn't nervous, but I was.''

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