Pawn Stars UK shop rejects gold vibrator

A pawn shop on reality show 'Pawn Stars UK' once turned down a gold-plated vibrator because they didn't know how to sell it.

'Big' Mark Manning, who owns Regal Pawn in Chester, north west England, admits he and colleagues Mark 'Little Mark' Holland, his son Marco and Simon 'Ebenezer' Penworth have rejected several unusual items, including the saucy sex toy and some old teeth from a Nazi concentration camp.

Big Mark said: ''We had a gold-plated vibrator once. We didn't quite know how to sell that so we declined.

''We've had teeth brought in from the concentration camp, we get some really weird, weird, weird things come in.''

The programme came about following the success of US reality show 'Pawn Stars', and the UK cast were delighted to get a helping hand from Rick Harrison, who manages the Las Vegas-based store, on their series.

He said: ''He's helped us out. We've got our own style and he's got his, of course, but when we met him he gave us some good tips.

''He's given us some good advice.''

Little Mark added: ''He does know a lot about bits and pieces because he's been doing the show for so long so we did learn stuff from him.

''It was good fun when he came over to film the show. It was quite something having him stuck behind our shop counter doing deals in our shop. It was really good fun.''

'Pawn Stars UK' premieres tonight (29.08.13) at 9pm on HISTORY.

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