Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber ban cameras at home

Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber have banned cameramen from filming in their home.

The pair - who have been married since 1989 - have joined five other couples on the new TV show 'Stepping Out' as they battle it out to master a new dance genre each week, but unlike their co-stars they've refused to be shadowed.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Glynis said: ''I have never done this kind of show before so I didn't know why they needed so much material. They came to every rehearsal and they were in the car.

''Then they came with us to dinner with friends and other various places. It's a lot and I found it quite exhausting. But home was out of bounds. I don't think we would have done the show if they had insisted on that.''

However, even though show bosses agreed to stay away from the couple's abode, Michael admits he still gets irritated by the cameras always being in their faces, and on one occasion he even chased a member of the crew out of the studio with a large prop.

He explained: ''You'll see footage on the show of me chasing someone out of our dance rehearsals with a chair - I was chasing a cameraman. But they can cut this stuff any way they want and it was made to look like I was throwing the chair at Glynis after she told the team she needed a new husband.''


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