Drugs found on Nelly's tour bus

Nelly Nelly

Police found heroin and a gun on Nelly's tour bus last night (10.10.12).

The rapper's vehicle was searched after a police dog detected the presence of drugs at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas and officers uncovered 36 small bags of heroin, totaling .64oz of the drug, over 10lbs of marijuana inside a large green bag and a loaded .45 caliber pistol.

According to gossip website TMZ, all seven people on the bus - including Nelly - were detained during the search but one passenger, a man named Brian Keith Jones, admitted the drugs and gun were his.

He was subsequently placed under arrest and Nelly and the remaining five people were let go.

The 'Hot in Herre' hitmaker has previously spoken of his belief that it is important to live by the ''rules'' of life.

He said: ''I take it to the extreme a lotta times, as far as the whole flash thing. But that's just hunger in me; that's desire in me. And if the kids see that, that's OK.

''But let me tell them how to get it the right way. It's OK to want nice things lil' dirty. Ain't nothing wrong with that. But you gotta work to get it. That's the thing; you gotta work to get it. Life is rules, and you gotta learn the rules.

''A lotta times the rules come in with school. School gives you all the rules to play this game we call life. You might not agree with all the rules, but a lot of times you gotta play by 'em. So in order to play by 'em, you gotta learn 'em. And school is what teaches you to learn the rules. You know? At least graduate from high school! That's at least what I try to tell 'em.''


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