Cat Cubie

Cat has a bubbly and infectious personality

A bubbly, cheeky girl with an infectious personality, Cat Cubie was born on the 11th April and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Although she was not necessarily known for her sporting prowess, from Primary 3 she realised that she preferred playing with the big boys than Barbie! After much begging, the Primary 4 boys finally allowed her to Goalie for their side. Taking her role as a team player very seriously she still has the scars on her knees from the many saves which saw her land facedown on the gritty playground.

Not only a dab hand in front of the sticks, she also has an MA in Psychology from Aberdeen University. Since graduating she has been amongst other things; jumping out of planes, living with buffalo in Nepal, diving in shark-infested waters and of course finding her way to Virgin Media to be our very own ‘Fitba’ presenter!

Before her current starring role, Cat worked her way up from runner to researcher working on a variety of shows from observational documentaries to live studio, including BAFTA award winning Children's programme 'Level Up'.

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