Kelly Dalglish

Kelly is an avid Liverpool fan because of her father's long affiliation with the club

Kelly was born on 20 September 1975 and is the daughter of former Liverpool player/manager Kenny Dalglish. Born in Glasgow in 1975, she soon moved south to the Merseyside area when her father Kenny joined Liverpool from Celtic.

Kelly is a football fanatic, who has been a regular at matches since the age of 11.She is also involved in supporting a football project in Africa, and is an avid Liverpool fan because of her father's long affiliation with the club. In the build-up to the Euro 2000 play-off clash between Scotland and England in November 1999 Kelly left viewers with no doubt who she supported when she wore a Scotland shirt on-air.

Brought up in a world where sport reigned unchallenged, Kelly has emerged from the shadow of her football-legend father Kenny to establish herself as a highly knowledgeable sports presenter. Kelly has presented on the Good Morning Sports fans show, Football Tonight and Sky Sports Centre as well as her Sports news presenter role. She has also presented Soccer AM, Tennis coverage and Beach soccer.

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