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"Million dollar babies"

'I’d take both of them out of their cars for a couple of races to teach them a lesson'

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more twists, turns or controversy in this enthralling Formula 1 championship it's all kicked off again in Hungary.

The disrespect Lewis Hamilton showed to Ron Dennis was quite unbelievable in my opinion. It all stemmed from Lewis being told to move aside and let Alonso through in qualifying and taking exception to this team order in no uncertain terms over the car-pits radio.

The behaviour is beyond childish

Lewis is playing a particularly polished and clever game when it comes to appearing cleaner-than-clean to the media but his arrogance is starting to come out now. Success is starting to go to his head and, whilst I challenge any man on the planet in his position not to let it do so, the way both he and Alonso are behaving is beyond childish - and the way he behaved in Hungary is beyond belief. I have no respect for people who disrespect their team managers and Lewis is rapidly beginning to lose mine. I've had some run-ins with authority in my career and some disagreements with the likes of Eddie Jordan, Niki Lauda and Bobby Rahal but I've never disrespected anybody and certainly never sworn at anyone over the team radio.

As for Alonso, a two-time world champion should have more brains than he does. To block Lewis like that in qualifying was one of the most stupid things I've ever seen and it reminded me of Michael Schumacher's move on Jacques Villeneuve at Jerez in 1997. I can't condone cheating, but if you must do it, there's got to be a subtler way!

Million Dollar babies

If they were to make a sequel of the film 'Million Dollar baby', then Lewis and Fernando would surely be the stars. I'd call it 'Multi-Million Dollar Babies!' Ron Dennis is the man I respect above all others in Formula 1 and he has every right to be furious. He's come up from being a mechanic to a team boss and he's always straight and honest with his team and the media and he's been involved in very few scandals until now. Basically he's got to sit Lewis and Fernando in a room together and get this mess sorted out. Personally, I'd take both of them out of their cars for a couple of races to teach them a lesson.

Alonso's giving Lewis and the Press the silent treatment and the indication that he doesn't know if he'll still be at McLaren next season. I suppose he could go to Ferrari but he'd have to take a pay cut or he could go to BMW Sauber but he isn't going to beat Lewis in that team. As for the rumours about Ferrari poaching Lewis off McLaren for a big bucks offer, I don't think this will happen. He has a solid five year contract in place and the best car in Formula 1. Although Lewis has shown that he doesn't always have the respect and loyalty he should have for Ron Dennis and McClaren, in my opinion, I don't think he would go . . .

Ferrari to bounce back

After events in Hungary, Istanbul can't come quickly enough. Turkey's a great city to host a Formula 1 race but I think the circuit's pretty awful to be honest! They've plopped it in a field in the middle of nowhere and it looks like they've looked at it and thought at the last minute, "fu*k, it's not long enough!" and plopped a couple of extra corners on the end.

I've predicted the last three on the trot so for my betting tips this week .. I'm going to go for a Kimi Raikkonen win in Hungary with Fernando Alonso second and Lewis Hamilton third, bearing in mind the circuits with faster corners seem to suit Ferrari better than the slower, twisty ones.

Eddie Irvine.

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8th August, 2007