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One of the most colourful and controversial characters to have graced the Formula 1 circus, Eddie Irvine is on hand to answer your questions during the 2007 season. So if there's anything you want to ask the 1999 World Championship runner-up, simply email editorial at and we'll speed our questions to Eddie after each grand prix of the season.

Neil D. Kirby: I was lucky enough to see you finish third at Monaco for Jaguar, behind the two Ferraris, in 2001. Despite your success at Ferrari, would you say you were proudest of your two podiums at Jaguar, because they proved your skill as a driver, rather than because of the car?

EI: I think I was proudest of the one in Monza the most. When I walked out onto the podium they were cheering ‘Eddie, Eddie, Eddie’ and not for Ferrari or Michael, which was amazing. I actually thought about walking away from F1 there and then because it wasn’t going to get any better than ending like that but I had a contract to honour so I didn’t!

Penny Massey: Hi Eddie, do you remember your first accident and how it affected you your first race back?

EI: I have to say that it really didn't affect me at all or leave much of a lasting impression. In fact I had to think for a while about when and where my first big shunt in F1 was! That's what racing drivers are like.

D. Jones: Hi Eddie. Hope you’re all good! Who through your years in Formula 1 is it that u looked up to most and why?

EI: Probably Ron Dennis, just for where he’s come from and how he’s climbed the ladder. He started out as a mechanic to be one of the most well-respected people in the business and he’s always been very fair on his team members and drivers.

Phil Parker: Do you think that the fans at circuits are being short changed? The ticket prices don't reflect value. Years ago at Silverstone I used to get centre tranfers and pitlane walkabouts as well as autographs. Fat chance now. Also I find it extremely annoying that there are so called celebrities on the grid formation who are totally clueless. And yes I am jealous but who wouldn't be!

EI: I do agree. Formula 1 is so much of a business now and it’s all about the money and corporate entertaining and business details so the fans almost become secondary in the respect of pit and paddock passes and it’s a shame.

Carole Goodall: Hi Eddie. Nice to see you still have your finger on the button, but what do you do with your time now you are not racing?

EI: I’m involved in a lot of businesses at the moment. I’ve got night clubs, I’ve got sports centres, I’ve got property building and investment. But I’m always looking at new stuff too!

Robbie Stevenage: Hi Eddie. I believe you once owned a Ferrari 288 GTO do you still have it and how do you rate it?

EI: I sold it. It was a beautiful car but it didn’t have any brakes!

Steven Buick: What other jobs did you have before F1?

EI: I worked at my dad’s garage and that was pretty much it! The rest of the time I was racing.

Kaye Cormack: Hi. I am from Northern Ireland and my sister lives in Conlig. Do you come home much and do you miss Nothern Ireland?

EI: I have a few businesses to run so I do come back a reasonable amount and I’ll be there all August with my daughter.

Scott Reid: Hi Eddie. What's your view on the British GP being moved from Silverstone and do you think that GP's should move to differing tracks year by year, so as to make it less predictable? Thanks.

EI:I didn’t particularly like Silverstone, to be perfectly honest. The crowd was fantastic but I never really liked the circuit itself. The changes they made spoiled it for me. Stowe used to be a great corner and they changed it. Club used to be an amazing corner and they changed it. They keep slowing everything down and making it worse. I always used to love Brands Hatch. It’s not Formula 1 standard now days but it’s still a great circuit.

Skippy, Perth, Scotland: Eddie, you are a top man off the track and F1 needs more characters, what do you think Valentino Rossi could bring to the sport, apart from even more attractive brolly girls?

EI: Well he tried it and he just wasn’t good enough. He is a great character but he should just stick to what he’s good at.

Sally Lambton: I think that you would make a great James Bond. You have the looks and charisma. Would you take the role if it was offered to you?

EI:No! I think Daniel Craig’s doing a pretty good job!

Ian Walker: Eddie. Do you think David Coulthard still has a future in F1 or, after his run of non-finishes, should he pack in at the end of this season?

EI: I still think he’s doing a bloody good job! Until they hire someone else that can do better than him, why get rid of him?

Andy Walker, Skipsea: Do you think that Lewis is one of those Senna/Schumacher/Clarke type freaks that turn up every ten years or is it too early to tell? Could he be a future legend?

EI: There’s nothing to suggest otherwise. He’s only done eight races so far but there’s nothing he’s done so far that doesn’t suggest he could be an F1 great one day.

Innes Harrison: If you could go back in time, which era of motor racing would you have liked to compete in and why?

EI: I think the one I raced in was pretty good! The money was good, the safety was good, the racing was good and there was a reasonable amount of freedom.

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Updated: 28th August, 2007

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