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Christmas TV Guide 2010: 26th December

ITV1, 9pm

The sun-burnt sitcom is back for a Christmassy chortlefest, with The Garveys jetting off to their favourite holiday destination. But how will they cope at Mel and Madge's villa? And just where has Su Pollard gone?

No Country For Old Men
Film4, 9pm

This riveting thriller made a star of Javier Bardem, who steals every scene as a ruthless assassin whose haircut is even worse than his personality. Josh Brolin also shines in this masterpiece from the Coen Brothers.

Les Dawson Christmas 1974
Available now on VOD

He was the deadpan king of tinkling the ivories, so treat yourself to a bumper festive edition of Les Dawson in this 1974 Christmas special. A true comic genius, whether gurning or dishing up killer gags, this is a luxury hamper of laughs.

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