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Life's a lottery: The Syndicate on BBC One

Welcome to our round-up of the week's highlights on our TV Catch Up service. On Catch Up you can keep up with all your favourite shows - and anything you might have missed - on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and more.

This week we're gambling our well-earned catch up money on new BBC One drama The Syndicate, starring Timothy Spall and Matthew McNulty. The five-part drama follows a bunch of supermarket workers from Leeds, struggling to eke out a living stacking shelves and beeping barcodes. Then, while two of them are conspiring to end their monetary misery, the unimaginable happens. The group's numbers come up on the lottery - to the tune of £18million. Now this could be the answer to all their problems. Or it could be the beginning of a raft of new ones that only printed paper with the Queen's head on it could create. What's your money on? Catch up with The Syndicate

All bets are off in terms of where Brody's loyalties lie, as Homeland continues to twist and turn on Channel 4. With the CIA investigation intensifying and marital relations at an all-time low, the former US Marine decides to go awol with Carrie. Holing themselves up at a family cabin in the woods, the pair share a weekend of tenderness and candour. That's right up until a Carrie slip-up which jeopardises everything and exposes her continuing suspicions. And the questions still remain. Is Brody telling the truth? Or is he part of the terror cell preparing itself for an imminent attack on American soil? Catch up with Homeland

A safe bet this week is that Britain's Got Talent on ITV1 is gonna throw up some great acts, some poor acts, some strange acts and some that are just plain awful. Ant and Dec, who have been privy to more than a few head-slapping moments backstage, present the second audition show, with acts from Blackpool and Birmingham eyeing the prize of £500,000 and a spot at this year's Royal Variety Performance. All they've got to do to book their place in the semi-finals is impress eager Alesha Dixon, maternal Amanda Holden, camp David Williams and sarcastic Simon Cowell. Tough gig. Catch up with Britain's Got Talent

Sir Alan Sugar is synonymous with taking calculated business risks but he has to take a gamble or two where The Apprentice is concerned on BBC One. Having already fired risk analyst Bilyana Apostolova in week one, he has now set the surviving candidates the task of inventing new household gadgets and pitching them to some of the nation's biggest retailers. The Victoria and Albert Museum is the setting, with the boys focussing on kitchen ideas and the girls trying to trump them with a product for the bathroom. Will the wannabes be able to stand the heat in the kitchen and can they avoid getting their ideas flushed down the toilet? Catch up with The Apprentice

If Seb Coe and, err, co hadn't taken a gamble, this year's Olympic Games could well have found themselves in Paris. As a consequence there wouldn't have been a spoof documentary series on BBC Two called Twenty Twelve. But they did and there is. The second series continues to follow the exploits of the fictitious Olympic Deliverance Committee and begins with yet another crisis. This time it's facing a boycott from the Algerian team, who have discovered the Shared Belief Centre is not facing Mecca. Stars Hugh Bonneville, Olivia Colman and Jessica Hynes, with a guest appearance by that, err, Seb Coe. Catch up with Twenty Twelve

Don't forget that you can always keep up with your favourite soaps including Coronation Street and EastEnders. More TV Catch Up highlights next week.

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