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The Muppet Show

Why were these two banned in Saudi?

We reveal this and more in our countdown of the 10 geekiest TV facts you'll ever see...

TV stuff worth a mint

TV memorabilia worth money

We take a look at the TV merchandise that's worth a fortune. Do you own any?

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The rise of Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

We track the making of daytime TV's shiny new star

TV casting that nearly was

Casting that could have been

You'll never guess who nearly played Buffy, Del Boy & Rimmer

Longest running TV shows

The Simpsons

We look at the TV shows with serious staying power

TV that jumped the shark

TV that jumped the shark

We reveal the moments our favourite TV shows lost the plot

Where were they born?

Where were they born

We bet you'll be shocked to see where this lot were actually born

TV's most dangerous towns

TVs most dangerous towns

Revealed: TV's ten most dangerous places to live

TV crossovers we'd love

TV crossovers we'd love to see

What would happen if these shows came together for one episode?

Just for fun

Which TV shows might be better with a monkey in them?

Obscure TV spin-offs

TV spin-offs you've never heard of

Have you heard of Mrs Columbo the TV series? Or W*A*L*T*E*R?

TV's secret locations

TV's secret locations

Where is Teletubbyland, Baywatch beach, and Albert Square?

The Bill: an obituary

The Bill: an obituary

We take a fond look back at Britain's longest-running police drama series following the news it's been axed

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