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Blue Peter ditched from BBC One

Blue Peter is being moved from its current slot on BBC One to the BBC's digital channels.

The TV show – currently presented by Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood – is shown on Friday afternoons but will soon be moved on to the BBC's digital channel CBBC.

Eventually the corporation will move all children's programming to CBBC and CBeebies as part of plans to cut hundreds of millions of pounds from its budget by 2017.

Commenting on the decision, the BBC Trust said: "Children's output remains a cornerstone of the BBC's public service offering and one of the BBC's foremost editorial priorities."

Head of Press and Media Relations at the BBC Julian Payne said the decision would not lead to the complete axing of the show.

He tweeted: "For absolute clarity, the BBC is not ditching Blue Peter. Blue Peter already premieres on CBBC and is represented on BBC One. More 6-12s watch it on digital channel as it is."

Blue Peter has been broadcast since 1958, and is the longest-running TV show for children in the world.

John Noakes and Konnie Huq are the longest serving presenters on the programme, which has had 33 hosts in total.

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