TV Highlights

Getting up to speed with Speedy

We recently got our skates on and caught up with Speedy Gonzales for a quick interview about Virgin Media broadband. Here’s what he had to squeak…

Speedy Gonzales! The fastest mouse in Mexico. It’s great to meet y…
Er… eets actually ‘The fasteest mouse in all Mehico’.

Oops, sorry. So, where have you been all this time?
I been taking a break in my home town in Mehico. Just me and my Manchego.

Manchego? Is he a good friend?
It’s a Spanish cheese, Amigo.

Oh right, of course. Talking of friends, do you see a lot of Sylvester?
Don’t talk to me about that silly pussy cat, he always after me. He keeps trying to add me as a friend on Facebook.

So you’re quite clued up on modern technology then? Do you Tweet?
Tweet? What, like Tweety?

No, like social networking.
Net Working? Is that something fishermen do?

Never mind. How are you finding the UK?
I love the UK. You make great cheedar.

Do you like anything else other than cheese?
Si Señor. I like the pretty Eenglish ladies.

Oh yes, I forgot, you’re quite the ladies man… Sorry, mouse.
Yees. When I serenade the señoritas they melt like cheese on a Fajita.

Can you sing us a song now?
No, I don’t want to look silly.

Ah, that reminds me, I hear you’ve moved into the world of commercials.
Si. I’m starring in a new campaign for Virgin Media broadband.

That’s right, I’ve seen the posters everywhere.
Er… maybe.

Yes, the one where they dressed you in a cape and some tight underpants over your trousers.

And another in lycra with a wig and a vest top.
-Silence and a lot of nose twitching-

So, how did that come about?
Well, I like music and film and… Look, I like cheese okay? They give me lots of cheese. I dress up. They take pictures. I now on every poster and TV in the UK.

Well, anyway, thank you so much Speedy and we can’t wait to see you again. How do you say goodbye over in Mehico?
Ándale! Ándale!, Arriba! Arriba!

You can watch Speedy’s recent commercial here or any Virgin Media store.