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Ant McPartlin in trouble over wedding ring

Ant McPartlin got a telling off from his wife on his 37th birthday yesterday (18.11.12) - because he forgot to wear his wedding ring on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'.

The TV presenter - who co-hosts the ITV1 Australian jungle show with Declan Donnelly - appeared on the programme without his wedding band over the weekend, leading to a frenzy on Twitter after spouse Lisa Armstrong sent him a tweet asking where the ring was.

However, Ant explained: ''I slept in and they were knocking on my door as the car was ready to take us to the jungle. As I don't wear my wedding ring or watch when I sleep, I only had time to brush my teeth and put my trousers on.

''As soon as I got into the car I realised I'd forgotten it. I thought, 'Oh well. She won't notice.' But she did notice - and then 22,000 people tweeted, 'Ant hasn't got his wedding ring on!' So thanks guys. That's one of the downsides of Twitter.''

However the crew cheered Ant up with an eye-catching birthday cake after he finished recording the show, before he and Dec went for a low-key meal at an Italian pizza parlour.


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