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EastEnders' Max Branning to end up in prison

EastEnders' Max Branning is to end up in prison after being implicated in the car crash which leaves Phil Mitchell fighting for his life.

The crafty car salesman - played by Jake Wood - will be thrown behind bars next month after police receive an anonymous call claiming he is responsible for the smash up, which sees bad boy Phil (Steve McFadden) plunge through a car windscreen.

The Branning gang are left stunned after Max is accused of tampering with the brakes on the vehicle.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''They are all celebrating his brother Jack's birthday, having a great time. And then all hell breaks loose.

''The cops burst in and Max is arrested for deliberately endangering someone's life.

''Lauren, Abi and Jack are left totally stunned and can't believe they are seeing Max being dragged out in handcuffs.''

Things get even worse for Max after his rival Carl White (Daniel Coonan) spreads the word that he has a vendetta against him and deliberately fiddled with the brakes as it was his car that Phil was travelling in.

The source continued: ''Things are not looking good for Max.

''The fact that he's had this feud with Carl and then it's Carl's car that's tampered with certainly gives him a motive.

''He's going to struggle to get out of this one. ''

The incident will also lead to Phil's mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) returning to Walford to be at her son's bedside in hospital.

Barbara will make a one-off appearance in the soap three years after her alter-ego swapped Albert Square for Portugal.


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