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Ricky Rayment and Jessica Wright refused TOWIE wedding

Ricky Rayment and Jessica Wright refused to get married on 'The Only Way Is Vegas'.

The 23-year-old hunk and his girlfriend flew out to the gambling city to film scenes for the 'Only Way Is Essex' special, and despite show producers requesting they wed on set, Ricky was concerned such scenes would make people doubt their relationship.

He said: ''They asked us, but there's no way we'd do that - not unless we're really drunk! I'm not mugging off our relationship - I don't want people to think it's fake. It's not. We'll do things our way not for a TV show.''

Ricky, who admitted to cheating on his 28-year-old beau early on during their relationship, is hoping to put his infidelity behind him and wants to have kids with the brunette beauty.

He previously explained: ''I want to have kids with Jess. I used to say, 'Let's leave all that for a while, but now I'm sort of ready. I get broody!''

However, Jessica has marriage on her mind before contemplating starting a family.

She added to Now magazine: ''We watched 'One Born Every Minute' recently and Ricky was all like, 'I want one.' I said, 'Absolutely not!' Maybe, but I'd want to get married first.''


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