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Alex Zane to spend New Year in New York

Alex Zane is set to spend the New Year in New York.

The 34-year-old TV presenter is heading to the Big Apple to see in 2014 and while he has always wanted to watch the famous ball drop in the city's Times Square, which sees a sphere located on the roof of One Times Square descend 141ft in 60 seconds down a flagpole, Alex is expecting to be left ''underwhelmed'' by the tradition.

He said: ''I love New Year, I've just booked flights to go to New York for the first time. I've done New Year in local pubs for the last couple of years which is great. I love it, but I thought I'd spread my wings a little bit and go and stand in Times Square and watch the ball drop.

''I might possibly be a little underwhelmed by watching a sphere react to gravity and go, 'Woah, OK, lets tick that off my 'things to achieve in life' sheet.' ''

While it will be Alex's first time in the US city for New Year, he has visited the area many times and counts it as his second-favourite city in the world behind London.

He added: ''I have this theory that wherever you live needs to be your favourite city in the world otherwise you'll always be a little bit like, 'I'm not in the best place I could be.'

''London is number one for me but if I'm honest New York is very, very close behind. So I thought I'd go to my second favourite city and spend New Year there.

''I love it because I'm a huge film fan and the first time I went it felt like I was stepping onto the biggest movie set in the world.

''I was that proper tourist, I saw steam coming out of a big hole and went, 'New York steam!' And I was looking at yellow cabs and going, 'It's a genuine New York taxi.' ''


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