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Celebrity Big Brother's Liz Jones: I'll get more hate mail now

Liz Jones thinks she'll receive more hate mail after being evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother' last night (22.01.14).

The controversial journalist, who became the fourth contestant to be booted out of the famous reality TV house, regularly receives hate mail because of her articles attacking celebrities and is expecting to get more.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''I get hate mail and I've had death threats. I will probably get more [now I've left the house]; you have to not take it personally. I don't read tweets but I get stuff in the post.''

Some of her fellow housemates weren't too impressed with her comments about famous people and remarks she made about their own fashion choices.

Liz said: ''Lionel [Blair] and Linda [Nolan] had a go at me for writing about people but I don't attack them personally, it's often about their dress sense.

''I think I was quite nice to Linda, when I said her clothes were made in China, it was just a joke.''

The 55-year-old writer went head-to-head with comic Jim Davidson and 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Sam Faiers, who were also up for eviction, and plans to stay in touch with her housemates.

She said: ''It's weird, one minute you're in and the next you're out. It's just like being released from prison.

''I'll definitely stay in touch with Dappy and Ollie [Locke]. Jim is also taking me carp fishing ... he lives on a river and he's a very keen fisherman and he told me when they go carp fishing they're gentle and put them back in, they don't kill the fish.

''Casey [Batchelor], after we've been out down Brentwood High Street, she's going to become vegetarian, I've persuaded her.

''I won't write anything nasty about any of them because they're nice people and a lot of them are really young and I don't want to attack them.

''They got to know me a bit. They joked, 'You won't write that', but I think they did trust me.''

'Celebrity Big Brother' airs nightly on Channel 5.


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