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EastEnders bosses tried to ban pub beer

'EastEnders' bosses failed in their attempt to ban the cast from boozing on set.

Danny Dyer - who plays new Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter in the BBC One soap - has revealed producers were forced to reinstate real ale in the fictional pub after non-alcoholic beer broke the taps.

Appearing on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' - which airs on ITV tomorrow (01.02.14) - he said: ''There are a couple of 'good pumps'. They tried to put non-alcoholic beer in there but it don't come out properly.''

The former film star, who joined the Walford-set show on Christmas Day last year, admits he enjoys a tipple while working - but monitors his intake so he doesn't get drunk on set.

He explained: ''On a good day I slip over to the good pumps and have half a lager ... not taking the piss, as I don't want to get in trouble. You have to keep yourself busy behind the bar.''

Danny, 36, also admitted he is ''overwhelmed'' by the thought of joining such a national institution.

He said: ''It's very surreal. You walk on there and I'm running the Vic. I had a scene with Dot [June Brown] and it was in the laundrette and it's massive. I'm waiting to go in, I come in half way through the scene and I'm psyching myself up. It's like I'm going into a ring with [Mike] Tyson. I'm going in with a bird who's pushing 90.

''I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by it. You're brought up watching it and all of a suddenly you are there.''


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