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Luisa Zissman: CBB didn't show wildest moments

'Celebrity Big Brother' star Luisa Zissman says she did ''a lot more'' wild things in the house than were shown on TV.

The sex-crazed 'Apprentice' contestant has admitted some of her most steamy antics were not shown on the Channel 5 reality show, including her cosying up to fellow housemate Jasmine Waltz.

Luisa told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I was wild but I have no regrets. We did a lot, lot, lot more. I was really attracted to Jasmine because she is wild and crazy. She fancied me too. We were like two crazy bitches.

''She has a fantastic body and works out, and I was all over her. I normally go for blondes but for Jas I was prepared to make an exception. She didn't care about the camera and neither did I.''

The controversial housemate says that some of the most X-rated unaired moments involved fellow housemate Ollie Locke's electric toothbrush.

She said: ''One night we nicked Ollie's electric toothbrush. It was vibrating and we played with it. We were running it all over our bodies for a thrill. I bet they didn't show that!''

The raunchy antics in the house got so scandalous, Luisa claims Big Brother even instructed housemates to ''tone it down''.

She shockingly revealed: ''I guess the most shocking thing for even me was when Lionel Blair stuck his fingers through his flies and pretended they were his willy. I sucked his fingers.''


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