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Lee Ryan sends champagne to Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz

Lee Ryan ordered a bottle of champagne for Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz.

The Blue singer was performing live with the band in Somerset but he still arranged the surprise for his recent 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates.

'The Apprentice' star wrote on Twitter: ''So dinner in @NobuBerkeleyST and @LeeRyanMusic calls them from Somerset & sends the best bottle of champagne over I [love] u what a gentleman (sic)''

Meanwhile actress Jasmine - who shared a picture on Instagram of her grabbing Luisa's chest during the night out - also thanked Lee for his generosity.

She said: ''Cop a feel Fridays ... @luisazissman @lauralittlemac thank u @leeryanmusic for the champagne #whatababe (sic)''

The pair were clearly delighted with the star's gift, and he tweeted his ''love'' for the racy pair after his gig.

He wrote: ''Love you both very much! @jazzywaltz @TheLuluLife have a lovely night @NobuBerkeleyST xxx (sic)''

However Lee - whose raunchy behaviour on 'Celebrity Big Brother' garnered him some critics - has lashed out at ''bullies''.

He added: ''I'm sorry but I hate bullies and people that are just nasty to people they don't know.It was a show. I haven't killed anyone. Get a grip.Lee''


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