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The Voice star fancies Ricky Wilson

'The Voice' star Kelsey-Beth Crossley fancies Ricky Wilson.

The former 'Emmerdale' actress was chosen by the Kaiser Chiefs frontman for his team on the current series of the BBC talent show and she admits she does have a bit of a crush on her mentor.

When asked if she fancied Ricky, Kelsey-Beth said: ''Erm... of course, a little bit. I think the whole nation does at the moment.''

The 21-year-old actress-turned-singer - who is best known for playing Scarlett Nicholls on the Yorkshire-based soap - chose Ricky over his fellow mentor Kylie Minogue, who also decided to turn around and offer her a place on her team.

She told new! magazine: ''He seemed very enthusiastic. He seemed like he really wanted to see me on the team.''

When asked if Ricky was flirting with her, she added: ''Oh, I think he was doing that with everyone! He's got a girlfriend.''

Kelsey-Beth looked stunning in her audition for the show but she's admitted she's not always been as comfortable with her image and even suffered at the hands of bullies because of her weight during her time on 'Emmerdale'.

She revealed: ''It was a rumour going round that I was pregnant. Everyone was saying, 'Is she pregnant?' And someone was like 'No, she's just fat.' I was 13 stone, now I'm 10 stone. I decided to eat healthily and do more exercise.''


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