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Lateysha Grace: The Valleys season three is 'live sex show'

Lateysha Grace says the new series of 'The Valleys' is like a ''live sex show''.

The reality star and her co-stars are set to embark on a boozy tour of the country as they take their Cardiff-based club night 'Valleywood Nights' to several cities across the UK, but she claims Ireland has been the most scandalous stop so far.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Dublin was definitely the wildest. At one point there were loads of us on the stage at the same time and it was like a live sex show. Everyone was kissing, not really having sex but humping each other, licking people's boobs. It was just crazy.''

The feisty blonde claims the debauchery doesn't end there, as she admits her behaviour is just as wild when she parties with her friends outside of the MTV show.

She added: ''All my friends are just the same as me really, we like to have a laugh. I've [kissed] my friends and stuff. I've never had a threesome but I would probably have one in the future. I wouldn't say no to it. It would definitely be a girl and a guy.''

Lateysha will return to 'The Valleys' house in Cardiff along with fellow housemates Darren Chidgey, Natalee Harris, Carley Belmonte, Jenna Jonathan and twins Anthony and Jason Suminski. With the departure of Liam Powell at the end of series two, newcomer Jack Watkins is set to stir things up, while Nicole Morris - who got the boot last year - is forced to campaign for her place back in the house.

'The Valleys' returns to MTV on Tuesday, February 25 at 10pm.


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