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The Valleys girls fight over new housemate Jack

'The Valleys' girls are fighting over newcomer Jack Watkins.

He may have only been part of the MTV reality series for a matter of minutes but the newest cast member is already ruffling feathers on the hit MTV show.

The 24-year-old stripper is welcomed onto the show during tonight's (25.02.14) series three opener, immediately sparking competition between the girls - Carley Belmonte, Lateysha Grace and Jenna Jonathan - as they vie for his attention.

21-year-old model Lateysha is the first to pounce on newbie Jack, pecking him on the cheek and saying: ''One kiss from Teesh, to keep him on the leash.''

But her best friend Jenna is quick to step in, saying: ''If Teesha's gonna flirt up the new boy, so am I.''

Carley, 23, adds: ''He's gonna be a naughty addition to the house.''

Fortunately for fans of the reality TV show - which is known for its characters' drunken antics and on-screen rows - Jack's trouble-stirring doesn't stop with the girls.

Male castmates Darren Chidgey and twins Anthony and Jason Suminski are noticeably rattled by the appearance of a new hunk and are left reeling with jealousy after the girls shower him with kisses.

Chidgey asks: ''Who the hell does this guy think he is?''

The third series of 'The Valleys' airs tonight on MTV at 10pm.


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