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Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster praise Arthur Darvill

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster have praised Arthur Darvill.

The superstar couple were blown away by the former 'Doctor Who' star, who took over the lead role of Guy in the 'Once' musical at London's Phoenix Theatre last night (17.03.14).

Penny described the show as ''incredible'' and hailed the show's cast, which includes Arthur, 31, and leading lady Zrinka Cvitešić.

The 43-year-old model exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The leading lady is just so believable you forget she's acting up there. And the talent - being able to act and be musicians at the same time, that's a real talent.''

Rod, 69, and his wife - who have two sons, Alastair, eight, and three-year-old Aidan - were eager to support the 'Once' gala performance because it was held in association with non-profit organisation Oxfam, which is close to Penny's heart.

She added: ''We spend most of the time in Los Angeles, we're only here for two weeks, and we heard 'Once' was in theatres - we'd seen the movie - and then we heard tonight was connected to Oxfam. We just recently donated some of our children's clothes to Oxfam, so it's very special.''

Other stars who attended the 'Once' Oxfam gala performance included Jennifer Saunders, Eliza Doolittle and Michael Ball.

'Once' is booking now at the Phoenix Theatre in London. For tickets visit


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