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Kirk Norcross: ADHD made me hate myself

Kirk Norcross says suffering from attention attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) made him hate himself.

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star was diagnosed with ADHD, which causes hyperactivity and impulsiveness, when he was in school and he found it difficult to control his behaviour.

He said: ''I knew what I was doing but something would definitely come over me and I'd just see red. It was so weird. For instance, I'd go to kick the door a little bit, but actually it would end up being totally smashed up.''

The reality star is still approached by former school mates who remember him beating them up and he still feels ''so embarrassed'' about his actions.

Kirk added to Now magazine: ''I'd fight my mates for no reason. I remember at my 16th birthday my mate ate some of my cake, so I really beat him up. Afterwards I was so sorry and had no idea why I'd done it.

''I hated myself and I still do. Sometime I'll bump into someone from my school days and they'll say to me 'Do you remember when you beat me up?' I feel so embarrassed.''


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