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Tom Jones wants Kylie Minogue to stay on The Voice

Sir Tom Jones wants to convince Kylie Minogue to remain in her role as a coach on 'The Voice'.

The 73-year-old singer admitted he hopes his fellow mentor will sign on for the next series, and insisted the show should keep the same judging panel for another year because ''it feels good''.

According to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, he said: ''The show is working now. Everybody seems to like the line-up so why spoil it? Why change it if it's working and it feels good?

''I don't know what the commitments are that Kylie has but I'd try to persuade her to stay on.

''Kylie and Ricky [Wilson] are being themselves and this combination works - that's the main thing.''

The 'I Should Be So Lucky' hitmaker has revealed her touring schedule means she won't be able to return despite enjoying her time on the show so far.

She explained: ''I'm touring later this year and the timings wouldn't work.

''We started filming in November last year and I'm on tour in September, October and November this year ... I have loved doing the show although there have been parts that have been really emotional.''


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