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Ricky Wilson: 'Happiness' makes you thin

Ricky Wilson believes ''happiness'' is key to losing weight.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman sparked rumours he had been sticking to a diet in preparation for his coaching role on 'The Voice' UK earlier this year, but the hunk insists he shed the pounds purely by having a positive outlook on life.

Speaking to Geoff Lloyd on his Absolute Radio Hometime Show, Ricky said: ''I got that gig on the TV show two weeks before we started filming, and if I had lost the weight for the TV, I'd be selling my secrets. I just haven't been on TV in a while, so no-one has noticed.

Geoff added: ''Yeah but usually if people aren't on TV they let themselves go, they become obese.''

Ricky replied: ''I had the opposite because I didn't worry about anything. I think happiness makes you thin.''

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old singer, who stars alongside Sir Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and, still can't believe he landed the job on the singing show because he claims he's the ''least famous'' person on the panel.

He explained: ''I do find it quite unnatural to be sat next to... let me put it this way, I am the least famous person at that particular party, so I'm always looking down the line going, 'You invited me?', 'What am I doing here?'.''

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