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Brooke Vincent delighted at 'wild' Corrie role

Brooke Vincent is delighted her character has started behaving badly.

The 'Coronation Street' actress has played Sophie Webster in the soap since she was 11 and she happy to see her show a bit of an edge a decade later.

She told The Sun newspaper's TV Magazine: ''It used to frustrate me that Sophie was such a good girl, though. She might be the Street's first lesbian, but she was always very nice.

''I'd always hoped she'd go in a different direction and I'd even say the 'good-girl lines' in a way that was a bit sarcastic or with an edge to make the viewers and writers think there was something more to Sophie.

''Now it's happening, I couldn't be more pleased ... I'm just loving it. Finally the good Christian girl is turning a bit wild - much more like me. In fact, I want her to be even worse.''

Brooke also claimed the soap saved her life,keeping her out of ''a young offenders' institute'' by giving her a positive focus.

She said: ''If I hadn't got this job and I hadn't stayed on 'Coronation Street', I'd be in a young offenders' institute right now.

''I was born naughty - I can't help it, that's who I am - so being on the show has kept me on the straight and narrow.''


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