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Jason Manford struggled as a single dad

Jason Manford struggled as a single dad.

The comedian - who split from his wife Catherine in 2013 following allegations he exchanged a number of flirty Twitter messages with fans - has found it difficult to adapt to bringing up his three young daughters on his own.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's been an interesting time since I was a single dad. You don't realise how much work your missus was putting in until you do it yourself. I was like, 'This is dead hard, this.'

''It was actually only once I became a single dad I realised just how much work went into this child-rearing business.''

The 'A Question of Sport: Super Saturday' presenter - who resigned from the BBC's 'The One Show' following the scandal - decided to get his ''priorities'' in order and put his kids before work commitments.

He explained: ''I'm certainly a better ex-husband than I was a husband. I spent so many months putting work first, thinking I was planning for the future but forgetting about the right now.

''I always thought I was working around the kids but I don't think I was. Now I am. So if half-term comes up or summer holidays I won't do anything for work.

''I didn't miss the big things - I saw their first steps and first words. But I think my priorities have changed now.''

He added: ''Next time I tour I will just choose my favourite venues and I will do it for a few months and mix it up like that.''


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