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Jeremy Paxman presents final Newsnight

Jeremy Paxman presented his final installment of 'Newsnight' last night (18.06.14).

The 63-year-old broadcaster thanked viewers for watching him on BBC Two's current affairs programme for 25 years as he signed off for the last time.

He said: ''Thank you for watching 'Newsnight'. I hope you continue to enjoy it. Goodnight and goodbye.''

However, in a funny moment after the credits, Paxman appeared on-screen again to front the weather update.

He quipped: ''And tomorrow's weather, more of the same. I don't know why they make such a fuss about it.''

The veteran TV presenter injected some humour into his final broadcast by interviewing the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, while riding a tandem bicycle.

Paxman quizzed Johnson on his London bicycle hire scheme, famously dubbed 'Boris Bikes'.

The host announced his decision to quit the topical programme last month.

He said: ''After 25 years, I should rather like to go to bed at much the same time as most people.

''This was a decision I reached - and informed the BBC of - last July. I shall work out the remainder of my contract and will not seek another.

''It's been fun. I have had the pleasure of working with lots of clever, creative and amusing people. I think I've been lucky and wish the programme well.''

Paxman will continue to present 'University Challenge'.


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