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Jason Manford's cancer fears

Jason Manford has discovered a lump on his testicle and fears it could be cancer.

The 33-year-old comedian revealed the worrying news on his Facebook page and has booked an urgent doctor's appointment for today (03.07.14) after finding the lump on his ''favourite testicle''.

He wrote: ''I don't want people to be alarmed. I'm going to get myself checked out to be on the safe side.

''I urge all men to do the same if they are worried. It's always best not to brush these things under the carpet.''

The father-of-three took to Facebook on Tuesday (01.07.14) to tell fans about his cancer scare.

He wrote: ''My body: 'Hey brain, has Jason got much work in this week after his 220-date, 6 nights a week tour?'

''My brain: 'Erm', checking through diary 'not loads, 4 or 5 days off now.' My body: 'Oh good.' My brain: 'Why do you ask?' My body: 'Oh, I'm just thinking of f***ing him right up with a bit of the flu, a frozen shoulder, back ache - and a swollen ankle. Oh and schedule an appointment at the doctors cause I've just developed a lump on his left testicle so he can spend the rest of his break ill or worried.' Cheers body!''

The stand-up star later updated his status on Facebook and thanked his 800,000 online fans for their support.

He wrote: ''Thanks for some of your concern about my last night post about not being well.

''A little lump on my favourite testicle, have booked in a doctors appointment tomorrow for a check, I'm sure it's nowt but it's good to talk about these things. (sic)''

He then attached a link to an NHS cancer prevention website and added: ''Why don't you fellas do the same.''


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