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Cheryl Cole's 'natural' insults to Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole says her insults to Simon Cowell ''come out naturally''.

The 31-year-old pop star, who has returned to 'The X Factor' judging panel this year along with Simon, claims the music mogul so often annoys her she can't help but bite back with insults of her own.

Simon, 54, and Cheryl have always enjoyed playful jesting on the show and the music mogul admits his co-star is ''easy to wind up''.

Speaking at the London auditions for the new series at Wembley Arena today (01.08.14), Cheryl told BANG Showbiz: ''They just come out naturally. It's so easy because he's so rude sometimes, they just come out naturally. I don't even have to have them ready!''

But there'll be no bickering between the 'Crazy Stupid Love' hitmaker and new judge Mel B, as Simon has rubbished talk of a female feud on the judging panel.

He said: ''This whole thing about girls falling out or whatever, that's not happening. I mean everyone we put on the show is extremely sensible - they put the hours in, find stars, work with the talent.''

Cheryl also weighed in on her relationship with the former Spice Girl, revealing they've got on like a house on fire.

She enthused: ''We've both been in girl bands, we've got great camaraderie and we sometimes say the same thing at the same time - it's weird!''

The pop star - who discovered 'X Factor' winners Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry during her first stint on the show from 2008 to 2010 - is determined to find another winning star this year, but wants to ensure they are a ''fresh'' talent.

She explained: ''People always say we're looking for the next One Direction or Olly Murs, but I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for somebody that's fresh that we haven't got in the industry at the moment.''


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