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Foxes won't watch her Doctor Who episode

Foxes won't watch her appearance on 'Doctor Who' back when it airs.

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter avoids watching her performances as she prefers to move on and focus on the next performance instead of picking out things she may have done wrong.

She shared: ''I won't watch 'Doctor Who'. Well, I will because I'm a superfan, but I won't watch my episode. I like to do it and let go of it and not dwell.''

Foxes - whose real name is Louisa Rose Allen - landed a role on the BBC One sci-fi show after heading over to a 'Doctor Who' conference while she was performing at a show in Liverpool.

She said: ''Behind me a 'Doctor Who' conference was going on. I sort of went back and got talking to these guys and I just said how much I loved it.

''They watched my show and little did I know, they were producers. A couple of weeks later, they asked me to do a song for the show.''

The eighth series of 'Doctor Who' is set to air on August 23 on BBC One.

Foxes has been busy gearing up to the release of her new single 'Glorious', which is out on August 10, and working as a partner of vitaminwater's shinebright studio. For more information visit


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