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Grace Andrews' TOWIE tears

Grace Andrews burst into tears at James 'Arg' Argent's Westlife tribute on 'The Only Way is Essex' finale.

The 25-year-old star couldn't stop crying when she watched the last episode of the ITV2 reality show's 12th series, in which Arg hired out a choir to perform the Irish boy band's hit 'Flying Without Wings' in an attempt to win back on/off girlfriend Lydia Bright.

Grace said: ''Arg's Westlife tribute at the finale was absolutely amazing. I cried when I watched it. It was so emotional.

''Lydia and Arg were both talking about it afterwards and yeah, they're getting on. I think they're taking it slow but they are getting on at the moment which is nice.''

Grace admitted she would burst out crying if anyone ever did a similar thing for her as she is often in tears, especially when she sees animals which are unwell.

Speaking at the Carlsberg Born to be Chilled BBQ to promote Carlsberg Citrus and Blackcurrant, she added: ''I cry at everything, to the point where I see a dog that's not well or something I'm crying. So I'd probably break down in tears if a guy did something like that for me.''

Grace and co-star Danielle Armstrong recently enjoyed the refreshing great taste of Carlsberg Citrus and Blackcurrant at the Carlsberg Born to be Chilled BBQ.

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