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Vicky Pattison wants to get engaged

Vicky Pattison wants to get engaged.

The 'Geordie Shore' star - who was previously engaged to former co-star Ricci Guarnaccio - has revealed that although her previous engagement ended badly, it hasn't put her off the idea of tying the knot with new boyfriend James Morgan.

She told Yahoo Celebrity: ''I would get engaged tomorrow, truth be told, and we will get engaged sooner rather than later because we're both very passionate. I think when you know, you know.''

However, the 25-year-old beauty admits that although she knows the ice-hockey player is ''the one'', the breakdown of her relationship with Ricci - who is currently appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' - has left her with some commitment issues.

She added: ''I am very apprehensive, I've jumped into getting engaged a bit early before and that ended up being a right punch in the d**k! But James is a bit more measured and a bit more realistic than anyone I've gone out with in the past.''

Meanwhile, Vicky recently revealed she fell out with her mum over her on-screen romps with Ricci on the MTV reality series.

She said previously: ''The worst thing about having sex on TV was that my mam stopped speaking to me for ages when she found out.

''Yes, sometimes my language is appalling. I can be violent but those things mam can overlook. But having sex on TV is very different.''


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