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Coronation Street: Who's Who?

Tracy looking ever so slightly scary

Tracy Barlow: played by Kate Ford

Personal details: Attractive, cunning and an all round nasty piece of work, Tracy is the nightmare daughter of Deidre Barlow and the late Ray Langton. Despite being a mother to baby Amy, Tracy is never happier than when plotting and scheming to get her wicked way.

Great personality? If you like manipulative, selfish femme fatales, then yes – Tracy’s probably the best The Street has ever seen. She misled everyone about Amy's father and ruining Steve and Karen's marriage, but more dramatically Tracey recently finally meted out horrible justice on philandering boyfriend Charlie Stubbs by killing him with a blow to the head.

Typical line: "Yer dunno what yer talking about.

"STANLEEEEYYY! Is that you?"
Hilda Ogden

Hilda Ogden: played by Jean Alexander

Personal details:

Great personality?

Typical line:

Ken Barlow

Ken likes the ladies

Ken Barlow: played by William Roache

Personal details: The only surviving cast member from the very first episode, steady old Ken has been an unlikely lothario over the years with 21 screen lovers in 46 years on The Street. Currently married to Deidre (for the second time) and trying to remain calm in the face of the trail of destruction left behind by adopted devil daughter Tracy.

Great personality? Perhaps unfairly dubbed boring, Ken is ultimately an intelligent man, frustrated by the cards life has dealt him – although the hair, clothes and strong morals haven’t helped. His finest hour came during the highest-rated episode ever in 1983 when Ken got Deidre back and ended her affair with arch enemy Mike Baldwin. The story was so big, the news was flashed up on the scoreboard at Old Trafford while Man Utd were playing Arsenal.

Typical line: "Just stay out of our lives, Baldwin!"

25 January 2007

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