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Hollyoaks: Who's Who?

Veteran Tony

Tony Hutchinson: played by Nick Pickard

Personal details: The only original character left, he was an aspiring entrepreneur in the early days, and an irritating landlord to most of Hollyoaks' student population before becoming a restaurateur with Gnosh. He started an affair with his friend Lewis' mum, Helen Cunningham, before embarking on a rocky relationship with her daughter Mandy, who he married. He's endured domestic violence and the death of his baby daughter Grace, which caused Mandy to leave him.

Great personality? Pompous and irritating at times, Tony has also provided plenty of slapstick. After inexplicably romancing some of the numerous blondes in the series, Tony's suffered enough personal tragedy to garner some sympathy.

Typical line: "We're not running a student union here. Now serve those tables!"

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Blonde ambition

Mandy Richardson/Hutchinson: played by Sarah Jayne Dunn

Personal details: Mandy never had it easy. Her violent, alcoholic brother, Lewis died of jaundice and an accident killed her mother and step-father, leaving her co-guardian of their young son Tom. She also married Lewis' best friend Tony Hutchinson but started knocking him about! Many left him, and the show, after their baby Grace died.

Great personality? Bit of a bossy boots with a domineering personality, she has gone through varying degrees of popularity throughout her Hollyoaks life but has undoubtedly also been put through the mill.

Typical line: "Tony, you're doing my head in!"

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Ali's a knockout

Becca Dean: played by Ali Bastian

Personal details: First appeared in 2001, and several boyfriends and an abortion later, married Jake Dean and became a teacher. Becca's soon embarked on a scandalous relationship with Justin, a pupil at her school, and when she got pregnant, it wasn't clear who was the father. Lying through his teeth, Justin has recently helped to put Becca in prison for child abuse.

Great personality? Becca gained sympathy when Jake did the dirty on her. But her impetuous and selfish affair with Justin lost her several mates, including Mandy, her career and pretty much everything else.

Typical line: "Stop acting like a child, Justin!"

26 January 2007

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