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Hollyoaks: Who's Who?

Best buds Max & OB

Max and OB: played by Matt Littler and Darren Jeffires

Personal details: Best pals for years, Max Cunningham and Sam 'OB' O'Brien have been through everything together - even losing their virginity to Chloe Bruce. Max has helped OB deal with the deaths of girlfriends Roxy, at the hands of Toby the serial killer, and more recently, Mel in the pub fire.

Great personality? This pair have fallen out more times than you can shake a stick at. Both mischievous, they are a bit of a double act but have grown more serious in recent times.

Typical line: (Max) "Simple but brilliant... just like OB."

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Inner city life

Lisa Hunter and Ben Davies: played by Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Patric

Personal details: The Hollyoaks couple got together following Lisa's brother's death and her affair with Jake Dean. Coincidentally, Ben's marriage had just fallen apart. Lisa and Ben soon left Hollyoaks to live in the city and so began a late night series covering more 'adult'topics.

Great personality? Ben's daredevil dayjob as a firefighter certainly helped him with his high strike rate of pneumatic blondes. His easygoing nature is offset by Lisa's intense personality - although her parents' tumultuous relationship, a missing sister, her affair with an engaged man and her self-harming habits have all contributed to a troubled life.

Typical line: (Lisa) "Let’s get away from my mad family and live in the city, Ben."

26 January 2007

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