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Home And Away: Who's Who?

Alf's a bit of a grump

Alf Stewart: played by Ray Meagher

Personal details: Grumpy but kind and good natured, Alf is the godfather of Summer Bay. He’s one of only two original cast members. Alf is also a lover of stereotypical Aussie slang (see ‘typical lines’ below), prone to the odd near heart attack (with that temper) and has even survived a brain tumour.

Great personality? There’s no doubt Alf is loved, despite being a bit of a rogue with a finger in every pie. He’s been no stranger to tragedy though. His second wife Alisa died of a heart attack in 2000. Soon after she started to appear to Alf in visions, (the Aussie version of Marley’s ghost), showing him the miserable future of Summer Bay if he refused to have his brain tumour operated on.

Typical lines: "Holy grandpa on a stick, grandma!"

“Stone the flamin’ crows!"
And the very best..."Yer flamin’ great galah!"

"Consider yourself on detention!"
Donald Fisher

Donald Fisher: played by Norman Coburn

Personal details: Fisher, as he was often named in the opening credits, was the headmaster of Summer Bay High with the fearsome demeanour and the nickname to boot – Flathead. Ultimately likeable, Donald suffered his fair share of tragedy alongside best mate Alf but always had the interests of his pupils at heart.

Great personality? Good enough to be in the show from the pilot until 2003. Stern and far from handsome, he still had his fair share of romance, not least with Marilyn who he married after a passionate affair. Marilyn sadly left Donald in 1999 for the States to look after their son Byron. In 2003, Donald packed up his office and left the show for good – supposedly to join new love June in the Whitsunday Islands.

Typical line: "I beg your pardon young man! How dare you speak with such rudeness. Consider yourself on detention!"

Sally's all grown up now

Sally Fletcher

Sally Fletcher: played by Kate Ritchie)

Personal details: It’s been quite a ride for young Sally. Along with Alf she’s been in Home and Away from the very start – going from foster mother Pippa’s little eight-year-old favourite to cool young history teacher at Summer Bay High. Along the way Sally was jilted at the altar, suffered ovarian cancer, became a mum and lost husband Flynn to melanoma.

Great personality? As a Summer Bay stalwart there’s no doubt Sally is loved. Even so, she’s suffered relationship nightmares – Irish fella Kieran revealed on their wedding day he was having an affair with Gypsy. More tragedy struck this Christmas when minutes after sharing a kiss with new flame Brad Armstrong under the mistletoe, she was stabbed by Rocco Cooper!

Typical line: "This family's falling apart and all you're worried about is how tall you are!"

25 January 2007

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