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Harold Bishop

Personal Details: This poor man hasn’t been given the easiest of times - he’s lost most of his family to shootings and plane crashes, which sent him loopy enough to try to kill Paul Robinson, the man he held responsible for the death of his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Even Harold himself was presumed drowned for several years after he went missing on a beach. He popped back up again though with amnesia and was reunited with wife and street matriarch Madge Ramsey/Bishop, who then also popped her clogs. Granddaughter Sky is the only relation he has left.

Great personality? An old-fashioned fuddy-duddy. He was the opposite of Madge and is best friends with Lou Carpenter, his old love rival. Famed for his vegetarian ways, tee-total habits and fastidiousness and moralising, he’s become one of the most popular Ramsey Street residents.

Typical line: "Extra help at the Salvation Army is always greatly appreciated."

"I'm going to give Nell Mangle a piece of my mind!"
Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop

Personal Details: With a failed marriage and a couple of wayward kids under her belt, Madge set up home in Ramsey Street, followed by her car mechanic daughter and jail bird son. She soon tied the knot with prim and proper Harold Bishop and then suffered her share of trauma when he was presumed drowned for several years. However he turned up again with no memory and they picked up where they left off, ran the coffee shop together and fostered a couple of kids. Her time on the street came to an end when she died of cancer in 2001.

Great personality? Strong, hot headed and tough, the husky voiced one was the opposite of prim and proper Harold and more than a match for anyone who crossed her path, like Mrs Mangle with whom she had a long running rivalry.

Typical line: "I'm going to give Nell Mangle a piece of my mind!"

25th January 2007

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