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The Walking Dead

FOX - 9pm

Who's in it?

Straddling the fine line between heroic and despotic, and looking increasingly grizzled and dangerous, like a folk singer crossed with a murderous maniac, Andrew Lincoln returned last night as the long-suffering Rick Grimes.

In a nutshell

Lately, the scariest thing about The Walking Dead hasn’t been the lurching, rotting legions of re-animated corpses. Nor is it the bad guy humans like the late, unlamented Governor. No, it's our hero: sheriff Rick Grimes. A man who's about ready to snap and kill everyone around him, if that glint in his eyes is to be believed. Lest we forget, we’ve seen this guy kill an assailant by tearing the guy's neck open with his teeth. Sure, it was self-defence, but we say again: he BIT A MAN TO DEATH. With heroes like this, who needs zombies?

The theme of Rick’s morality looks set to run through the latest season, which began last night with more zombies than you can shake a ripped-off-arm at. There were masses of them everywhere, as Rick got to grips with the supposed haven of Alexandria. The question is whether Rick’s survival instincts have transformed him into a sort of tyrant, or whether his mania is more than justified. Even local man Carter came round to Rick’s way of thinking (at least, before he got his face chomped on), but something tells us that Rick’s journey to the dark side is only beginning.

What's the verdict?

The Walking Dead is still firing on all cylinders, and the idea of Rick being something akin to John Wayne in The Searchers – morally messed up, almost bigoted in his sense of right and wrong – is utterly engrossing. We can’t wait to see how bad things are about to get.


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