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I Fell For a Psychopath

Really - 9pm

Who's in it?

Woe-faced cops weighed in on a crime that shocked the normally easy-going city of New Orleans in this first episode of a new run of true crime docudramas.

In a nutshell

This show may be called I Fell For a Psychopath, but last night’s edition should properly have been called I Fell For a Deeply Troubled But Probably Not Actually Psychopathic Murderer. Not quite as catchy, granted, but rather more accurate. On the face of it, the crime scene DID have all the hallmarks of a psychopath’s handiwork: bits of a woman left in cooking vessels, and spray painted messages from the murderer on the walls and furniture.

But aren’t psychopaths marked out by their almost inhuman detachment and lack of remorse? In which case, the perpetrator – Zack Bowen – surely falls short. The man was a clearly traumatised veteran of the Iraq war, for one thing. And, just as crucially, he committed suicide soon after killing his partner in such a horrific fashion, leaving a note which laid bare his anguish over – yes – his “lack of remorse”. But surely the very act of describing this, and his self-punishment, sets him apart from most psychopathic killers? We’ll let the experts puzzle that out.

What's the verdict?

Told with the usual mix of sober interviews and crime show-like reconstructions, this was a sorry story all told, made all the worse by the fact that the couple had been well-known and well-loved, especially in the aftermath of Katrina.

Star rating: 3/5

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