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Ghost Planes and the Mystery of Flight 370

History - 9pm

Who's in it?

Aviation experts and suitably alarmed-looking actors featured in this documentary which had plenty of dramatized segments to keep us feeling the turbulence.

In a nutshell

Remember when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was all over the news? Things may have moved on, and the tragedy may have been overtaken by the myriad mayhem elsewhere on this troubled planet of ours…but the enigma of this aeroplane still remains to be solved. And that’s all the excuse documentary makers need to hang a whole programme about OTHER so-called “ghost planes” around the story of Flight 370.

Adorned with all the bells and whistles of contemporary documentary-making, this was jam-packed with CGI effects (lots of planes hurtling scarily through clouds), archive news footage (Amelia Earhart was one of the historical vanishings we looked into), and sweaty re-enactments from the cockpits of doomed jets. The flurry of facts and expert theories made it hard to come up with any definitive take on the various puzzles we were presented with, but then this wasn’t about closing any cases: it was more a reminder that, no matter how advanced our technology and safe our skies, fate has a way of biting us when we least expect it.

What's the verdict?

Nervous fliers would have been left quivering behind the sofa cushions during this one, and even the hardiest travellers may well have been hankering for a sick bag during the more traumatic scenes. Just remember, it’s still the safest form of transport.

Star rating: 3/5

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