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Most Haunted

Really - 8pm

Who's in it?

With eyes so wide you could pilot a small spaceship through them, Yvette Fielding was back at her terrified best for the new series of Most Haunted.

In a nutshell

Those of a certain vintage – ie, those who keep forgetting the 90s was quite a long time ago now – will recall the days when Yvette Fielding was a cheerful kids' show presenter. Wholesome. Vibrant. Glowing with health. These days she's glowing an eerie green, an apparition in night vision, looking suitably perturbed by her surroundings. That's Most Haunted in a nutshell – they should just rename it Yvette Fielding Is Scared Now.

Of course, things have changed in TV-land since Most Haunted first made audiences take refuge behind their cushions. We've got Ghost Adventures, for example: it's the American version, which has a healthy dollop of bro humour thanks to its tongue-in-cheek leads who seem to have fallen out of one of The Hangover movies. Most Haunted just isn't as hip, but last night was still an enjoyable romp – the setting was Lancashire's Royal Court Theatre, where so many ghosts have been causing a ruckus that the owner just had to get the Most Haunted team in to help. Cue the usual running around, yelping and shouting "What's that? Did you hear that?"

What's the verdict?

While it may lack the wisecracks and post-modern, self-referential wit of Ghost Adventures, the sight of Most Haunted rising from the grave will have pleased armchair ghost busters everywhere. Now someone please make Yvette a cocoa and tell her it'll be all right.


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