Trying Again

Sky Living - 9pm

Who's in it?

Chris Addison – the youngest-looking 42 year old in the history of 42 year olds – and Jo Joyner were the couple trying to give their relationship another chance in this big new comedy.

In a nutshell

Oh boy did the opening titles worry us. Cartoon birds? Twangy music? It looked like we were heading straight into yet another cutesy, quirky, "loveable" sitcom – the kind that Sky seem to be specialising in with varying degrees of success (Stella, good, The Café, not so good). Fortunately, things quickly became nice and grounded with the painfully realistic couple set before us. The bloke, Chris Addison, being a sort of premature grumpy old man (a la Mark in Peep Show) and the gal, Jo Joyner, being slightly in the dog house after a recent affair with her boss.

Of course, patching things up is easier said than done, and that's what this show seems to be all about. The slow, clumsy, accident-prone emotional fumblings of a couple who keep trying to remember they're (probably) soulmates. It's excellently acted – we knew Chris Addison was great from The Thick of It, but Jo Joyner is the real revelation here, shedding the dowdy, angsty EastEnder image to become a cavorting comic delight.

What's the verdict?

OK, so this isn't the edgiest comedy on the box, and – as relationship sitcoms go – it's not as innovative or as bolshy as Him & Her. But, you know, it's got charm, and feeling, and you ended up hoping these two actually sort themselves out. But not too soon: there's loads of episodes to go yet.


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