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Baggage Battles

Quest - 9pm

Who's in it?

Bidding on baggage, the gang were back for more unfeasibly entertaining shenanigans in a TV show that's way more fun than it has any right to be.

In a nutshell

TV shows about people bidding on mundane-seeming stuff are oddly popular these days. But Baggage Battles? Seriously? A programme about unclaimed suitcases being flogged outside airports? As a scenario, it's so deeply unglamorous it should really make Storage Wars seem as thrilling as Star Wars by comparison. Yet, somehow, Baggage Battles makes great watchin'. Not because of the actual auctions, which are pretty low key for this kind of show. Nor is it about the stuff the bidders find.

No, it's the bidders themselves who make the show what it is. Last night it was great to be back with the old favourites again, including the really dapper dude with the silver hair, arm tattoos and neat line in dapper retro suits: he's a bit like if the Cat from Red Dwarf was a white American guy with a penchant for auctions. And there was the British couple, the male half resembling David Soul crossed with a madman. Unlike the bidders you get in programmes like Storage Wars, they're not wantonly nasty about each other, and don't get into contrived arguments for the camera. Instead, they're busy being really, really excited about stuff in bags. And somehow it turns out to be rather infectious.

What's the verdict?

So there you go: a TV show called Baggage Battles is something we actually enjoy watching. A decade ago this would have sounded like satire, but it's happened and we're here now, enjoying ourselves. What'll it be in ten years' time? Competitive Toilet Cleaning? Swimming in Skips? Bring it on.

Star rating: 3/5

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