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Fat N' Furious

Discovery - 9pm

Who's in it?

Christmas came early last night – that's Tommy Christmas we're talking about. The larger than life hero of this rambunctious new reality show about big men and bigger cars.

In a nutshell

The slapping sounds of many, many facepalms would have been heard in living rooms across the UK, as jaded viewers realised yet ANOTHER show about smudged, wise-cracking mechanics dolling up old bangers was about the hit our screens. Seriously: ANOTHER ONE in a genre that's more over-represented on our screens than price comparison TV adverts, Top Gear repeats and Jonathan Ross.

But this one has one apparently distinguishing factor: the main players are extremely voluptuous. Hence the weird title, which keeps looking like it's got a typo in it. Tommy and his team like food almost as much as they like vehicles, which is why they seem to be contractually obliged to keep tucking into snacks in the background. To be fair, it's all nicely jokey and laid back, and petrolheads would have been in their element as the men rebuilt a classic 60s Ford Galaxie, along with a Dodge Coronet convertible.

What's the verdict?

Rumbling tummies and revving engines make for one of the more enjoyable reality shows on the box. Yep, it's almost totally unoriginal, but when it's served up with this much aplomb, you've got to gorge on it.


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