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ITV2 - 9pm

Who's in it?

Robert Patrick – aka the melting robot assassin from Terminator 2 – was on good guy mode last night, as the government agent recruiting a team of eccentric genius types to protect the US in this new series.

In a nutshell

So basically someone out there thought "Hey, everyone likes Sherlock, and Monk, and Numbers, and Perception. How about we just mash them all together into one TV show?" And this is that show: a shameless attempt to cash in on every "genius oddball detective" trope in TV history, only with lots of CGI action scenes that make it occasionally seem like The Big Bang Theory crossed with a Bond film. And not in a good way.

The opening episode saw our awkward/arrogant/sassy genius heroes tackle a computer threat to Los Angeles airport, and in time-honoured TV genius fashion they spent the whole hour babbling out sciencey-sounding factoids, scribbling things on blackboards, and spouting Sherlock-style insights based on the sorts of shoes people were wearing. And then there was a bit where a pilot climbed out onto the wheel of a massive passenger jet, while it was still flying, to plug a cable into a laptop being held up by someone in a zooming sports car below. Yes. That happened.

What's the verdict?

A collection of clichés strung together by a plot so ridiculous it would have stretched credulity in the pages of a comic book, Scorpion's one saving grace is the presence of Robert Patrick as the grizzled federal agent. Someone give the guy a better show to be in – he was in Terminator 2 for goodness sake.

Star rating: 1/5

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