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Mrs Brown's Boys

BBC One - 10.05pm

Who's in it?

Once again snubbing the cynics and undoubtedly raking in the ratings, Brendan O'Carroll was on fine, foul-mouthed form as meddling matriarch Mrs Brown.

In a nutshell

Oh but the critics do love to hate on this show, don't they? Not since Michael McIntyre has a comedy act been so beloved by the public and so belittled by comedy snobs. To be fair, Mrs Brown's Boys IS low, low, LOW humour – it's like a pantomime crossed with swearing, but that's exactly its appeal. You watch Mrs Brown's Boys not for sophistication or subtlety, but to hoot to yourself in the manner of an overgrown toddler. In short, it's ideal Christmas Day viewing, when we've all been thoroughly infantalized by an excess of sweets and brain-muddling booze.

This one, the first of two festive specials, saw all kinds of silliness unfold, from Mrs Brown being manhandled by a Christmas tree, to various explicit tomfoolery with an, er, bedroom device which we shouldn't mention here. Plus, there was plenty of asides-to-the-audience, in a manner which we'd call postmodern if that word wasn't so hilariously out of place in this cartoonish context.

What's the verdict?

Fun frolics, gutter-mouthed jibes, and amusingly fluffed lines all added up to a whole lotta laughs. And if you don't like it, we really doubt Mr O'Carroll cares…

Star rating: 3/5

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