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The Three Day Nanny

Channel 4 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Kathryn Mewes, who’s basically like a Horse or Dog Whisperer, but for human children, faced one of her toughest tasks yet last night. It’s a wonder she got through with her sanity intact.

In a nutshell

There are naughty kids, and there are kids who hit their parents and come out with such sentimental nuggets as “I HATE YOU!” Guess which kind featured in this programme? You’ve got to give Kathryn Mewes marks for bravery, as she marched into a household being ravaged by the tantrums and screams and actual swearing of their very young kids. The poor parents were utterly alienated and confused, and with good reason.

The mum was fine with the daughter, but smacked about by her toddler son. Meanwhile, dad was good with the son, but ignored by the daughter. In fact, she had literally never hugged him. As Kathryn said in her appalled/gobsmacked way, “It’s like watching two single parents”. A devastating thing for any young family to hear, and the emotions were dialled all the way up beyond 11 throughout the documentary, as Kathryn set her “zero tolerance” discipline plan into action and the kids wailed and writhed their way through it all.

What's the verdict?

Viewers will have had the yells and shrieks of the kids in their heads for long after the credits rolled on this one. But any parents burdened with “problem” kids may have taken away some real wisdom from the incredibly patient and wise Kathryn Mewes. Who needs Mary Poppins?

Star rating: 3/5

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