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Mummy’s Little Murderer

5* - 9pm

Who's in it?

The shocking story of the “spoilt, jealous mummy’s boy” Elliot Turner, his brutal crime and its bizarre cover-up, was told in grisly detail in this documentary.

In a nutshell

They looked like the perfect couple: a flashy, smooth ex-public schoolboy and his glamorous blonde model girlfriend. But behind the sleek façade was a seething cauldron of neuroses and paranoia – Elliot Turner was jealous and controlling and unable to control his rage. One night he simply snapped and choked her to death, but the case only became murkier when he involved his parents in concealing his terrible crime.

Having already shelled out thousands on his rehab treatments, his parents were quick to help him in this rather more disturbing way, going so far as to make false 999 calls and creating a ridiculous story to make it sound like the death was an accident. Mingling emotional interviews, CCTV footage and expert testimonies, this documentary chronicled the investigation into Turner – including the fact that police actually bugged his parents’ home to confirm what they already guessed: that the whole family had been lying. Prison awaited them all.

What's the verdict?

This was an awful story of a shallow, vain, lethal egotist, but as a true crime documentary it was admirably exhaustive and filled with details on the lengths to which detectives went to not only get their man, but his two doting parents.


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