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King Cobra: Cannibal Snake

Nat Geo Wild - 8pm

Who's in it?

Experts weighed in, but the sssscintillating sssstars of this documentary were very definitely the snakes. And we can now all agree that king cobras are utterly wrong in every way.

In a nutshell

There are snakes, and there are king cobras. These are the T.rex of the snake kingdom: the most iconic, the most fearsome. Rising up, expanding its hood, slipping its tongue out, the cobra is the critter most likely to pop into the average person’s mind when they’re told to think of a snake. But until last night, most of us didn’t realise exactly HOW fearsome, ruthless and just plain wrong king cobras actually are. This title wasn’t lying: cobras are indeed cannibals. And not just in a dabbling sort of way.

No, cobras don’t merely chow down on fellow snakes as a last resort if pickings are slim. They are almost exclusively cannibalistic, feasting on rat snakes and small pythons with the gluttonous abandon of drunken dukes. Now this is what is technically known as “nasty”. Not that the king cobra would care would you thought of it. As the documentary revealed, they have the cool, apathetic, amoral poise of, say, Dr Hannibal Lecter. OK, we’re probably reading a little too much into them, and shouldn’t subject them to human conceptions of morality, but hey: they’re CANNIBAL SNAKES. We’re allowed to demonise them just a tad.

What's the verdict?

Well there you go: king cobras make other snakes look positively sweet and cuddly. Thanks for that, Nat Geo Wild. Now we can have settle into cobra-filled nightmares.

Star rating: 3/5

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