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Finding Bigfoot

Animal Planet - 10pm

Who's in it?

A gang of cryptozoologists – ie, people who believe in monsters and want you to believe in them too – continued their quest for the big hairy one in the return of this hit show.

In a nutshell

What's more unlikely than Bigfoot? The names of the people in this programme, for one thing. Matt Moneymaker, Bobo and Ranae? Well, at least one of them's called Cliff, to balance it out. These brave Bigfoot boffins (or, as they like to put it, the Bigfoot Field Research Organisation) are taking a very practical approach to research: they literally go out into forests, armed with cameras and excitable facial expressions, to find that sucker once and for all.

Most of the time, the series involves them scampering around woods, Blair Witch style. But in last night's new season opener, they were in the rather more glamorous surroundings of Santa Cruz. Here, they met other believers, including the staff of the "Bigfoot Discovery Museum", which was every bit as amusing as it sounds. Then they expanded on their usual technique of making Bigfoot grunts and calls to lure in the monster. How? By putting on an authentic Hawaiian barbecue of course. Who could resist the smell, after all?

What's the verdict?

It's fair to say this is a less than serious documentary that will have zoology purists rolling their eyes and sighing to the heavens. Everyone else will enjoy the gung-ho energy of the team, though, and we can't help but be rather glad to see them back on the hunt.

Star rating: 3/5

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