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The Last Ship

Sky1 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Eric Dane, aka Dr Sloan from Grey's Anatomy, and a man who looks like he could break boulders with his chin, plays the ship captain tasked with saving the whole of humanity. No pressure.

In a nutshell

Michael Bay is famed for the Transformers franchise, along with other loud CGI epics designed to make your skull rattle inside your head. Sure, he's about as subtle as an excited monkey letting a klaxon off in your face. But when it comes to visual thrill rides, the man knows his stuff. This TV show is a case in point: in true Michael Bay style is about the end of the world, and extremely good looking people trying to make things right.

The gist is brilliantly simple: a disease has wiped out much of humanity, with a rag-tag bunch on a US ship desperately seeking to create distribute the cure. This new season opener picked things up with the dastardly Amy Granderson cementing her villain credentials as the would-be leader of a brave new world. Weaving together multiple strands, the episode had a suitably cinematic feel, sprawling across numerous goodies, baddies and in-betweenies, and dialling the action up to 11. Well, we did say it’s a Michael Bay shindig…

What's the verdict?

There have been dystopian, deadly pandemic films and dramas before, but The Last Ship has put a refreshing spin on things with its naval angle, and – while it’s never likely to win prizes for subtlety – this is popcorn entertainment at its most addictive.

Star rating: 4/5

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