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Death in Paradise

BBC One - 9pm

Who's in it?

Kris Marshall was back with his big eyes and befuddled hair as DI Humphrey Goodman in this easy, breezy sleuthing series.

In a nutshell

Ah, Death in Paradise. Who’d have thought a show with “death” in the title would be such a cosy, featherlight confection? The TV bosses know what they’re up to with this one, springing it on us in cold, dismal January, as we all recuperate from the merriment of December and mournfully tuck into healthy food under grey dishcloth skies… A show like Death in Paradise, with its sun-dappled charm, laughing characters, and casually compelling plots is just what the doctor ordered.

Never mind the fact that this Caribbean island really deserves its very own equivalent of the FBI to deal with the soaring murder rate. Like Midsomer, only sunnier, it’s basically a make-believe place, and that’s why it’s such great escapism. Especially in episodes like the one last night, in which our resident detective Humphrey Goodman took up yachting just in time for the murder of a millionaire environmentalist who was killed on his own boat. What are the chances?

What's the verdict?

You know what you’re going to get with Death in Paradise, and we got it by the bucketload last night. It was as welcome as a cool, long cocktail on a sunny day.


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