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Stephen Fry in Central America

ITV - 9pm

Who's in it?

Saying things like “Golly!” and pointing a lot and generally looking like the quintessential Englishman abroad, Stephen Fry was quite a delight in this new travelogue.

In a nutshell

Could we finally have a new Palin on our hands? Granted, it’s been quite a few years now since the Python made a second career as an ostentatiously affable, mildly wry, retro-gentleman globetrotter, and we’ve had plenty of other celebs go off sightseeing since then. But Stephen Fry is, like Palin, a very particular kind of slightly befuddled, impeccably charming English sort who evokes nostalgia just by existing. So he was a brilliant choice for this journey to the hot, humid lands of Central America.

Of course, as is his way these days, Fry came across like everyone’s favourite uncle, whether he was dropping unnecessary Game of Thrones references (trying to be down with the kids, Steve?) or just gawping in a wonderfully awe-struck way at the Copper Canyon in Mexico. We also got to see him on a zip-line, which is just about the most un-Stephen Fry thing imaginable. He was in safer territory when poking about on the set of a telenovela, and getting to grips with a US school bus. Well he does apparently drive around in a black cab here in London after all…

What's the verdict?

From the shimmering, turquoise wonder of the Pacific coast to the craggy canyons of the inner country, Stephen certainly packed in a lot of geographical eye-candy last night. And, with his smile permanently in place, he really is every bit as “nice” as that Mr Palin.

Star rating: 4/5

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