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Bad Teacher

Comedy Central - 9pm

Who's in it?

Playing a rather toned down version of the Cameron Diaz role, Ari Graynor smirked and strutted her way through the pilot episode of this sitcom reboot.

In a nutshell

As various politicians will constantly and irritatingly say many times between now and the election, let’s be clear. Let’s be clear on the fact that the bad teacher in Bad Teacher isn’t really a bad teacher. She’s more of a… so-so, kind of reckless/kind of sweet, meh sort of teacher instead. Which immediately makes this a radical (and radically less funny) departure from the movie version, where Cameron Diaz had a whale of a time demolishing her perky screen persona by playing a properly, actually bad teacher.

Yep, they’ve softened things up a whole load for this telly take on the tale. Ari Graynor’s teacher has heart in the right place straight from the start, and that’s despite being a gold digger with a penchant for turning pieces of fruit into bongs. Instead of following a long and delicious story arc charting her evolution from a gorgeous gorgon to a sassy sweetheart, the show had her imparting life-lessons and making quality time for the kids in the very first episode. And while there were chuckles to be had, this is a show that’s far too well-behaved in class.

What's the verdict?

Watch Bad Teacher for the light comedy, the pratfalls, and the strange sight of Sara Gilbert from Roseanne playing a bit of a weakling for once. But if it’s really shady shenanigans you’re after, go ahead and catch the film again.

Star rating: 3/5

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