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Who's in it?

Maggie Q was back as the lithe and lethal Nikita, more traumatised and more at risk than ever before as the last ever season got underway.

In a nutshell

Generally speaking, dream sequences in TV shows are only slightly less boring and irritating than someone actually telling you about their dream. And the one in last night's Nikita was no different, hammering home Nikita's sense of fear and guilt and loneliness with all the subtlety of a bullet in the face. Luckily, things got a heck of a lot more entertaining after that, with our rogue assassin trying to clear her name after being framed for the murder of the US president.

Now, there were enough holes in the plot to make the whole episode resemble a slab of Emmental. But we'll give it a pass because it was just so brilliantly twisty and turny – who'd have guessed that FBI director Graham, who started off seeming like a potential ally for Nikita, would actually be a double agent for the bad guys? Or that hack journalist Dale Gordon, the very man smearing Nikita's name, would take her side before suddenly being blown to smithereens? Oh, and we're still on tenterhooks wondering how Nikita's going to get rescued and patched up after being shot right at the end…

What's the verdict?

Nikita's had its ups and downs over the years, but never mind the iffy moments of last season because it looks like this show is going out the way it should: with all guns blazing.


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