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Your Worst Nightmare

ID - 9pm

Who's in it?

A disturbing real-life murder was conveyed with all the subtlety of a horror film in this docudrama, which also featured insights from local law enforcement and the sister of the woman who died.

In a nutshell

True crime shows are everywhere. And, let’s admit this straight off the bat: they can be utterly gripping, even though there’s always that queasy question of whether you SHOULD be so engrossed in terrible events that actually happened to actual people. Well, this docudrama is a case in point. It was shot like a Hollywood movie, beginning with a blindfolded, bloodied woman being led through dark woods by a hidden assailant. The mystery mounting. The tension tightening.

And then we saw her stand over the sheer face of a cliff, before we cut back in time to see the awful lead-up. The woman turned out to be a bright student and the assailant was a stalker who’d broken into her place a number of times before finally bringing himself to rape her, abduct her and throw her to her death. A thoroughly grotesque story, then – but is it any of our business? Should the sick plans of her murderer have been reproduced so slickly for morbid entertainment? Many will say no, even while staying glued to the screen till the final moments.

What's the verdict?

This was a frightening story, and told in a powerful way. As good as true crime shows can get, in other ways. But whether it’s a story we should have been exposed to in such detail… well, that’s a conundrum even Sherlock Holmes would have to ponder.

Star rating: 3/5

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