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What was on Friday 8th January

Pit Bulls and Parolees

Animal Planet - 9pm

Who's in it?

Tia Torres, fearless rescuers of unloved pit bulls, was back on the streets last night, doing her best to help these poor pooches.

In a nutshell

Thanks to YouTube and various other time-sucking websites we look at when we really should be working, animals have never been more popular. But only if they’re cute. Indeed, cuteness is the only criteria that matters. Put a cute cat in a… shoebox or something, and you’re guaranteed a bazillion views by lunchtime, along with some kind of lucrative media deal.

But what about the less-lovely-seeming animals? They languish, unloved. Or even regarded with outright hostility. This is where Tia Torres comes in. She’s made it her mission to redeem pit bulls in the minds of the public, and remind us that these much-maligned mutts were once regarded as “nanny dogs” due to their affinity for kids. Seems unthinkable today, doesn’t it? But Tia makes a good case, and as we watched her last night while she tracked down a dog’s origins, and tried her best to find a home for another pit bull, we were kind of convinced. Kind of.

What's the verdict?

Let’s face it, pit bulls are never going to make people swoon. But this show does at least help un-demonise them a little bit, and make us feel rather protective of them. Let’s stop putting them in the dog house, eh?


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