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Who's in it?

Louis CK was back last night for more slovenly, shuffling misanthropy, with a hearty dollop of bad taste thrown in for good measure.

In a nutshell

There’s a lot to admire about this show. The fact that it's clearly put together with a budget of around 25p (or 25 cents). The fact that Louis CK writes and directs and edits it all, like a proper old-fashioned auteur. And the fact that it’s occasionally very funny indeed. The trouble is, a lot of it is also largely laugh-free and a bit try-hard, with contrived awkwardness aplenty – like Louis CK binge-watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and decided to have a go himself.

Last night’s season opener was a case in point. The bits which didn’t work included his neurosis-by-numbers shtick at the shrink (the kind of material covered by Woody Allen and pretty much every comedian to come since), and a very silly bit where he blundered into some New Age party by accident. But then things got a whole lot more warped and hilarious when he went to the right party, offended a bunch of people, and managed to induce a pregnant woman to give birth by engaging in a sudden intimate act with her in a hallway. Smooth move, Louis.

What's the verdict?

Its cult status garners it perhaps a little more credit and kudos than it deserves, but – while Louie may not be a game-changing comedy – it’s still a welcome dose of bitter black humour amid the TV schedules. And for that we’re glad to have his miserable mug back.

Star rating: 3/5

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