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What was on Tuesday 21st October

Crocodile Ganglands

Nat Geo Wild - 9pm

Who's in it?

Here was an offer we couldn't refuse: an exploration of the mob-like mentality of crocodiles as they fought over territory and overcame rivals and generally reminded us that animals can be every bit as devious and power-hungry as us humans.

In a nutshell

Without being rude, crocodiles don't tend to come across as the cleverest or most calculating of animals. They're just logs with legs, aren't they? Either lying around sleeping, or casually biting bits off any prey unfortunate to get too close. Well this documentary put us right, exploring the strange and gang-like power-structure of crocodiles.

It took us to a remote corner of Zambia – the domain of a Nile crocodile measuring over six metres in length. He was very much the Don of these parts, ruling his turf and helping himself to the local ladies. But there was a pretender to the throne about: a crocodile on the make. To keep with the gangster analogy, he was like the young, power-hungry Scarface, only without an impenetrable accent. Or any kind of accent, because he's a crocodile, not a person. Which is where the gangster analogy does kind of fall down.

What's the verdict?

While sadly lacking big American cars, cool hats and horses' heads in beds, this was still a riveting drama set in the animal kingdom. Even Joe Pesci would have had second thoughts about crossing these buncha wise guys.

Star rating: 3/5

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