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Lair of the Mega Shark

Discovery - 9pm

Who's in it?

Ideal for anyone who’s overdosed on Sharknado repeats, here were some similarly shark-related shenanigans – and disguised as a documentary too.

In a nutshell

You’ve heard of the Lord of the Rings. And the Lords of the Flies. Not forgetting the Lord of the Dance. But how about… the Lord of the Sharks? This, apparently, is a thing. Now, without Googling around it’s hard to tell if it’s a genuine phenomenon or fable in the history of cryptozoology, or if the concept was invented by some canny TV producers to hang a shark documentary on. Either way, we went on the trail of the Lord of the Sharks, aka the Mega Shark last night.

In the manner of these uber-dramatic documentaries, the adjectives were laid on thick (“dangerous”, “legendary”, “terrifying”), while we got plenty of Maori yarns about immense mysterious predators stalking the waters around New Zealand. Watery adventures ensued, with the kind of thumping OTT approach you’d expect from a Michael Bay movie trailer. In a good way.

What's the verdict?

Those in search of more subtle, scientifically engrossed wildlife documentaries are better off sticking to the BBC, but those in search of a thrill ride with sharks would have had plenty to sink their teeth into.

Star rating: 3/5

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