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Who's in it?

Kurtwood Smith and Frances Fisher are the baffled/delighted/horrified parents coping with their son coming back to life in this glossy new US series.

In a nutshell

You may remember a show called The Returned, which aired on Channel 4 not so long ago and managed to become a cult hit despite being saddled with subtitles. Meditative and beautiful, the French series told the story of a town where the dead suddenly return, healthy and normal and not quite knowing what's going on. Well, this is definitely NOT a remake of that show, even though it's got pretty much exactly the same premise, and has a similar sort of name, and is basically the exact same show.

The same, but not anywhere near as good. That's partly down to style. The Returned had a cold, glacial look and feel that was utterly beguiling. Resurrection… well, it looks like every other US drama you've ever seen. And instead of putting the emphasis on the emotional impact of having your loved ones magically appearing, un-aged and intact, years after their deaths, Resurrection is all about plotty twists and turns, community secrets and hidden agendas and whatnot. More of which are bound to emerge in episodes to come.

What's the verdict?

While it's certainly got lots going on – there was another resurrection at the end of the episode – this isn't a patch on The Returned. But if we forget the French show ever existed, this should be a gripping enough yarn.


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