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What was on Saturday 10th January

Super Weed

National Geographic - 10pm

Who's in it?

Serious-faced experts, law men hacking their way through jungles with machetes, and proud potheads puffing on bongs all featured in this exhaustive documentary on perhaps the single most controversial drug on the planet.

In a nutshell

Can a programme on something as serious as drugs and addiction be unintentionally hilarious? Yes. Definitely yes. This film, for all its virtues (and there were many) did sometimes come across a bit like the old Chris Morris satire Brass Eye – mainly because of the stern-voiced narrator, booming out warnings about cannabis plants "growing somewhere NEAR YOU" and disgustedly intoning words like "skunk" and "devil's harvest". Honestly, it would have made even the most law-abiding viewer feel like they were being sweated down in a police interview room.

That aside, though, this was truly epic stuff – one minute we were seeing British coppers kicking down suburban doors in search of DIY dope farms, the next we were in South America, chinwagging with cynical ex-drug runners. "The profile of people who smoke pot is… everybody," one said between smirks. And we also got the counter-argument from experts who pointed out that today's marijuana is way, way more brain-rattlingly potent than the stuff the hippies got high on in the 60s.

What's the verdict?

Providing both sides of the eternal marijuana argument – we heard from a mum whose son had a psychotic attack thanks to skunk, and a legalisation activist who openly uses the stuff – this was a wham-bam crash course in cannabis. A lot of food for thought, even if you don't have the munchies.


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