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What was on Tuesday 25th August

Bad Robots

E4 - 10pm

Who's in it?

A bunch of slack-jawed humans were made to look utterly ridiculous by the rogue robots in this enjoyably trashy show.

In a nutshell

The machines have risen. But luckily they’re not shape-shifting, time-travelling killers. Nor have they started putting us into pods to use us a batteries. No, they’ve gone all Jeremy Beadle instead, playing a bunch of practical jokes on random citizens. Welcome to the world of Bad Robots, a show that will make anyone already pessimistic about the stupidity of the general public feel utterly vindicated. Because the general public really are dumb. How dumb?

Well, one savvy young lady in this programme actually seemed to believe that cash machines don’t just dispense notes but actually print them with fresh ink, there and then. And when the machine told her to rip them up, she went and did it. The operative word here is “duh”. Other paragons of intelligence included the people using the self-operating eye test machine, who didn’t seem to get the joke even as they were told to read out gibberish sentences about Matt LeBlanc not being able to chew cashew nuts. Still, we had to feel sorry for the bloke whose vacuum cleaner came to life and smashed into priceless vases, as well as the teenage girl who put her hands in an automatic manicure machine, only to have “I smell” painted onto her nails…

What's the verdict?

The kind of programme best enjoyed with friends and pizzas (while slightly tipsy), Bad Robots is also a prophecy of Armageddon to come. Because if we’re so easily fooled by obviously fake machines, how on Earth will we fare when the Terminators really do rise up?

Star rating: 3/5

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