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What was on Saturday 9th January

Chasing Monsters

Channel 5 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Cyril Chauquet, whose very name makes him sound like a character from a Jules Verne adventure novel, went on the search for incredible creatures in this wet and wild documentary.

In a nutshell

Adventurers are everywhere these days. Well, they’re not in, like, Tesco and stuff. But in TV-land, you can’t go two minutes without bumping into some madcap bloke (and it usually is a bloke) who’s eating twigs in an isolated jungle, or throwing himself off an icy cliff, or getting himself stranded on barren islands on purpose. Heck, putting yourself through hell is downright trendy – Hollywood A-listers and even President Obama himself have eagerly signed up to be Bear Grylls’ sidekicks.

And now there’s Cyril Chauquet, who has two particular things going for him. First, his excellent name, which makes him sound like some kind of swashbuckling hero. Second, he has actual missions to complete. Like last night, when he was asked by scientists to swab the teeth of ocean predators, to aid the creation of essential antibiotics. Pretty awesome. Bonkers, but awesome, but Cyril was more than happy to stick his hand into the mouths of crocodiles and sharks to get it done. What a guy.

What's the verdict?

Daring, fearless and a little bit crazy, Cyril has everything it takes to be a gung-ho telly adventurer. Welcome to the ranks!


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