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Syfy - 10pm

Who's in it?

Rachel Nichols was back as time-travelling cop Kiera in this spectacular, pedal to the metal season three opener.

In a nutshell

It's somewhat ironic that Doctor Who, the one TV show entirely about time travel, is also the one least interested in time travel. Causality loops and temporal paradoxes are brushed aside or buried beneath timey-wimey babble from the Doctor, but then it IS basically a kids' show. The great thing about Continuum is that it's very much NOT a kids' show. Which means it can get stuck right into all the time travel stuff. In a really violent and mind-mangling way.

Yep, there’s a WHOLE lot going on. We’re talking about a show where there’s, like, three different versions of a character (Alec), depending on which part of the space-time continuum you’re looking at. And we’ve got this bunch of operatives known as Freelancers trying to preserve the course of history, which is the main moral question of the show: is Kiera actually RIGHT in her fight to preserve a future Earth which is basically a dystopian vision of corporate tyranny? Or are her terrorist opponents actually right in trying to avert that future from happening, even if they employ extremist methods to do so? It’s the question that’s bound to come even more to the fore as this season continues.

What's the verdict?

The most exciting show ever to feature a character called “Kellog”, Continuum is proper, grown-up sci-fi, and the best show of its kind since Fringe. In this or any other reality.

Star rating: 4/5

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