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The Flash

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Who's in it?

Grant Gustin donned the scarlet spandex for the last time (at least for this season) in this emotional wallop of a finale.

In a nutshell

There’s a tendency in big glossy thrillers to up the ante towards the end of a season. Often in the most predictable way. See, for example, the disappointing climax of Arrow’s latest run. It didn’t do anything we haven’t seen a hundred times before: big super-villain threatens entire city, hero stoically steels himself for final battle, wins final battle, goes off into the sunset (quite literally). It can all be a bit “meh”.

So top marks to The Flash – a much less serious or “gritty” comic book saga than Arrow, let’s not forget – for taking the alternative approach to a season final. Instead of all-out mindless action, we had proper character-driven stuff and moral dilemmas. Chiefly, whether the Scarlet Speedster should go back in time and prevent the murder of his mum, and thereby eradicate the future as he knows it. Powerful, tear-jerking stuff, especially when he made the choice to let her go. That’s the sort of gut-punch you rarely get in a mainstream drama, let alone one featuring an essentially silly superhero.

What's the verdict?

The Flash has been an unlikely triumph. Despite being based on a second-tier character in the DC canon, and lacking any pretentions to “darkness”, it’s been an utterly enjoyable romp with real soul. Let’s speed into the next season in double-quick time.

Star rating: 4/5

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