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Gypsy Sisters

TLC - 9pm

Who's in it?

Mellie, Kayla, and the rest of the sassy sisterhood romped and cavorted back onto our screens last night for a festive special. A Christmas Carol it wasn't.

In a nutshell

There are certain things that are really Christmassy. The sound of Nat King Cole's voice. The unctuous flow of port across the palate. Doctor Who fighting robots in the snow. All of this: Christmassy. Gypsy Sisters? Not so much. Even with extra tinsel, and Santa costumes, and the word "Christmas" being bandied about, the bonkers shenanigans of a US reality show are never going to rank up there with chestnuts roasting on an open fire in the festive feel-good stakes.

Which isn’t to say it wasn't a whole lot of fun. Gypsy Sisters is trash telly of the highest order. It's luxury rubbish, deluxely diabolical in its embrace of staged bickering and contrived confrontations. And there was plenty of both last night, as Kayla and Nettie went head to head with rival fancy dress parties (this being Gypsys Sisters, the costumes were crazed), and Mellie dropping her usual bombshells wherever she went. If Santa really knows who's been naughty or nice, this lot won't be getting any prezzies this year.

What's the verdict?

There is one very significant way this WAS like Christmas – that feeling of bloated, bleary exhaustion after watching it is a bit like the mental equivalent of the moments immediately following a turkey dinner blow-out. And what could be more festive than that?

Star rating: 3/5

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