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What was on Sunday 14th December

Britain's Wildest Weather

Channel 4 - 7.30pm

Who's in it?

Baffled by-standers and bedraggled storm survivors looked back on a very stormy year for Britain in this wet and windy documentary.

In a nutshell

The weather, they say, is Britain's national pastime. No idle meeting is complete without a brief preamble about it being hot/rainy/nippy out, and yet this is a bit peculiar when you consider that our weather is generally really, really dull. It's "meh" weather, devoid of extremes. Aside from the odd summer heatwave or winter chill, it's generally a bit sunny, or a bit damp, or a bit blustery. Hurricanes, tropical storms, hailstones the size of golf balls – we're mercifully free of such excitement. Well, usually.

This year saw a whole bunch of bad stuff smack into our unsuspecting nation, and this programme – packed full of vivid footage – reminded us that yes, our weather went flippin' bonkers. Did you know this was the coldest August we had for decades? And that it was the hottest Halloween since records began? But that was just the surface stuff: the programme showed houses engulfed by water, a bus being literally consumed by sea foam, and a narrow escape from calamity by 500 very alarmed cows. It'd be funny if the stakes weren't so high.

What's the verdict?

That was really quite a year for the country, and the question we're now all asking is whether the snows will hit over winter. And if so, will it be like it was a few years back, and everyone was basically stranded at home? If this programme was anything to go by, we wouldn't be surprised.

Star rating: 3/5

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