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The Flash

Sky1 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Young star Grant Gustin – whose alliterative name already makes him sound like some superhero's alter ego – whizzed onto our screens last night as Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. Eat your heart out, Usain Bolt.

In a nutshell

Never mind the Marvel Universe – on telly, the DC Universe is where it's at right now, with this Arrow spin-off giving us the first live action take on The Flash since an ill-fated, and extremely rubbish TV version a few decades ago. But is this one destined to run away in the ratings? We reckon so, in part because The Flash totally and unashamedly OWNS the fact that it's a comic book adaptation. Forget "darkness" and "grit" – it's a show about a bloke who runs around in red spandex, and it's happy with that fact.

The Flash himself, Barry Allen, is a classic superhero type of guy: a bit dorky and hapless, a la Peter Parker and Clark Kent, he's thrust into his destiny thanks to a quintessentially hokey bit of science-gone-wrong (think particle accelerators and lightning bolts), and we even had a magnificently cheesy bad guy who specialised in controlling the weather and generally came across like a panto villain, in a really good way. The Flash has hit the ground running.

What's the verdict?

Unpretentious and great fun, The Flash is a telly treat that wisely distances itself from the darker vibe of both Arrow and Gotham. Which, when you're dealing with a man called Barry who runs very fast, is definitely the way to go.

Star rating: 4/5

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