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Crimes That Shook Britain

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Who's in it?

Rueful old colleagues, shell-shocked family members and some of his alleged victims lent their voices to this dark portrait of Jimmy Savile.

In a nutshell

Is there anything more to say about Jimmy Savile? Every aspect of the case, from the grisly details of his predatory abuse of girls, to all those horror movie-like rumours (the skulking around in morgues, the "friendships" with serial killers) has been turned inside-out by the papers. And every pundit in the land has covered the wider fallout – Savile's fall forcing us to look at the 70s and 80s in a grotesque new light. No longer simply naff, but downright nasty.

So is there any reason for this new documentary to exist? Not really, although to be fair, it featured some very personal insights from those Savile knew, worked with, and preyed upon. We once again got to see lots and lots of footage of the one-time national institution, his colourful eccentricity now monstrous. It's a cliché, but as this programme made clear, never has the phrase "hiding in plain sight" been more apt.

What's the verdict?

The Savile case was such a bombshell that programmes like this probably won't peter out anytime soon. But you've got to wonder if there's any point dwelling anymore on the man whose death robbed victims of their right to justice.


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