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Zombie Apocalypse

Discovery - 10pm

Who's in it?

Starring scientists with clearly way too much time on their hands, plus a bunch of "Zombie preppers" (ie, people who've watched The Walking Dead one too many times), this was a fairly hilarious analysis of a make-believe crisis.

In a nutshell

Over the years, the concept of the zombie apocalypse has gone from the private obsession of horror nerds to a crashingly tedious pop culture cliché. Your average office bore will now harp on about his "plan to survive the zombie apocalypse", like it's a somehow cool or funny thing to say. But annoying as these wannabe-geeks are, they're not as bad as those people who REALLY THINK IT WILL HAPPEN. Oh yes, they exist, and we saw them last night in this documentary.

They included a mum-of-two, a teacher and a firearms expert who has founded the "Kansas Anti-Zombie Militia", which is pretty worrying for anyone sane and within shooting distance of the guy. Once upon a time, they'd have been busy preparing for the invasion of dastardly Commies – now, they're ready for The Walking Dead scenario to unfold. Even worse were the scientists dragged onto the programme to tell us how certain diseases might – MIGHT – trigger zombie-like symptoms, and how certain virus mutations could – COULD – cause a mass epidemic of crazed marauders. Except they're not going to, are they? No. They really aren't.

What's the verdict?

So, it seems people actually WANT the zombie apocalypse to happen, because the idea excites them. Probably because they're all the untouchable gun-toting heroes of their movie-like fantasies, rather than victims getting their brains gobbled. Well, despite the titillating zombie-virus scenarios outlined by the doctors, we're going to have to get used to the idea of living in a boringly zombie-free world. Sorry.


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