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Who's in it?

Thor star Jaime Alexander clambered out of a bag and Strike Back’s Sullivan Stapleton had a giant riddle to unravel in the first episode of this big new US show.

In a nutshell

Let’s start with the positives. Or rather, the positive, singular. By which we mean the opening scene of Blindspot, which is as engrossingly enigmatic as anything in recent telly. The sight of Jaime Alexander, her skin woven and labyrinthine with tattoos, delicately emerging like a strange flower from a holdall in Times Square could have been a bit of performance art rather than the start of a TV show. Sadly, the rest of the programme didn’t live up to this weirdness, lapsing instead into comfortable crime show clichés.

The gist is that our woman, Jane Doe, doesn’t remember anything, but her tattoos are all clues to various crimes in the making, which means teaming up with a lawman to stop them. In this first episode, that meant scuppering a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty. So yes, the overall format of the show is painfully familiar: a mystery person and a hardened cop solve a different case each week while following a larger narrative arc about who the mystery person really is, and just what it all means. Chances are, the writers themselves don’t know where it’s heading – they’ll want to milk this for as many seasons as possible before giving us an absurdly OTT pay-off. Or are we being cynical?

What's the verdict?

It looks sleek, it’s well acted, and it’s watchable in a totally passive way. But Blindspot follows in the footsteps of so many prior shows that we can’t quite get excited about it. Not yet, anyway…


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