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What was on Monday 11th January


Channel 5 - 8pm

Who's in it?

Ben McKenzie is back as Jim Gordon, who is certainly no closer to becoming the Commissioner Gordon of legend in this hit Batman prequel series.

In a nutshell

Gotham’s a funny sort of show, in that it should suck. Everything about it is wrong and ill-judged. For example, in terms of its connection to the Batman saga, it tries to have its cake and eat it – set way, WAY before Bruce Wayne comes of age, it should really focus on being a gritty, stripped down crime saga, but instead it’s desperate to shoehorn in as many Batman-related characters as possible, from Penguin to Riddler to Harvey Dent.

The tone is also wildly uneven – serious one second, comic book-like the next, and the guy who plays the Penguin hamming it up almost as much as the Penguin from the old 60s TV show. And yet… somehow, it’s great. Especially last night, in a new season opener which balanced all the disparate elements just right, and also introduced a new band of villains to run amok on the streets of the city. Plus, there was the whole question around the character of Jerome, and his potential to become the Joker, and the delightful Joker/Harley dynamic with Barbara, AND the sight of Harvey Bullock tending drinks in a dive bar… What more could we want?

What's the verdict?

Finally finding its groove with this new season, Gotham may now come out from under the shadow of rival Marvel TV shows. Holy new telly addiction, Batman!


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