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Return to Amish

TLC - 9pm

Who's in it?

Mary was being shunned by the Amish church, while Rebecca and Abe were also having troubles with the close-knit community as the rural reality show returned for a new run.

In a nutshell

It's a tad ironic that the Amish community, which proudly shuns pretty much every aspect of modern culture, right down to things like cars and electricity, is now a favourite focus of that most contemporary of concepts: the reality show. As well as Breaking Amish, we've also had some piffle about the "Amish Mafia", which was a bit like a documentary version of The Sopranos but with more waistcoats and hay bales. And it was rubbish.

Thankfully, Return to Amish is definitely not rubbish. In fact, it's downright beautiful in places, with slow-motion scenes of horses galloping across snowy hills, and shots of Amish women cooking in cosy houses to a moody violin soundtrack. There was also real substance here, as it explored the lives of young people who'd chosen to leave the Amish world behind – including a couple, Abe and Rebecca, who – having once left the community – were having a rocky time readjusting, while over in New York City the glamorous Kate made the decision to get a nose job. Which is about as un-Amish a sort of thing as it’s possible to imagine.

What's the verdict?

What's more shocking than an Amish girl getting a nose job? A reality show that's genuinely stylish to look at, and with something real to say. Unless it's all actually made up. But they wouldn't do that, right…?

Star rating: 4/5

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