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What was on Friday 26th September

The Seal Who Came Home

Animal Planet - 9pm

Who's in it?

Andre the seal stole our hearts last night, in this unbelievably poignant and delightful documentary about his friendship with a chap named Harry.

In a nutshell

A young, wild, harbour seal is rescued from the jaws of certain death by a human, and the two end up becoming buddies for over 25 years. Sounds like a naff Hollywood comedy, presumably featuring a wise-cracking celebrity voice-over for the seal in question. Except, this actually happened, and there's not a celeb in sight. And the story of Harry Goodridge and seal Andre, who met in 1961, is probably the best thing we've heard or seen all month, frankly.

Filled with remarkably sharp footage from the 60s and ensuing decades, this film looked back on the weird and wonderful bond between man and animal. Stand out moments included seeing a seal being driven around town in the back of a car, poking his nose out the window quizzically, and seeing a seal ducking and diving in the waters of Maine. In fact, all the bits with Andre were highlights, and the story's sadder moments (Andre ended up going blind in his later years) only added to the fuzzy heart-tugging nature of the whole thing. Hankies would have come in handy, is what we're saying.

What's the verdict?

We knew a programme called The Seal Who Came Home would get us a little moist around the eyes, and our fate was... sealed... from the opening moments. A delight.

Star rating: 4/5

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