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What was on Monday 17th November

Rosemary's Baby

Lifetime - 10pm

Who's in it?

Zoe Saldana from Star Trek and Patrick J. Adams from Suits left their respective universes to join together in unholy matrimony in this new adaptation of the classic chiller.

In a nutshell

The original movie version of Rosemary's Baby, with its iconic turn by Mia Farrow as a young mum tricked (or in fact forced) into having Satan's child, is one of those rare horror films that transcend the genre to be accepted as a Great Movie by even the snootiest of critics. So you might think it would take filmmakers of great ambition or great madness to attempt a TV series remake, right? Except it turns out, the job can also be done by filmmakers too boring to be either.

Yes, the new Rosemary's Baby is not mad. Or ambitious. It's eminently sane, classy, tasteful and middle-of-the-road. The extent of its vision goes as far as relocating the action from New York to Paris. And the new Rosemary's a gutsier, more independent woman than the original. And it's every so slightly sexed up. But other than that, it trundles along the same course: an opulent apartment, sinister neighbours, lots of Rosemary looking around in a disconcerted way, and the grinding inevitability of the Satanic shenanigans to come. If only the whole thing was more daring, more decadent, more… devilish.

What's the verdict?

OK, so it's a fairly forgettable adaptation that doesn't really have any reason to exist, but on the plus side we get to see Patrick J. Adams being Not In Suits, which is a bizarre thing to be behold. Whatever would Harvey say, eh?

Star rating: 2/5

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