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What was on Friday 23rd January

Robson Green: Ultimate Catch

Quest - 9pm

Who's in it?

Fish fanatic Robson Green continues to prove that angling can be an extreme sport in this wet and wild new series, exclusive to Quest.

In a nutshell

You've got to love Robson Green – the man has absolutely no airs and graces about him. Despite his undeniable heartthrob credentials, and long-standing career as a famous thesp, his fishing shows see him cast aside his dignity like it's, well, fishing bait. Instead of standing around trying to look cool and sexy on boats, he whoops and hollers and jumps up and down. He babbles and raves. He gushes with uncool delight. It's great.

He was on top form in the first episode of this latest sea adventure – self-deprecating, wide-eyed and so full of beans you could pour him on toast and call it dinner. We don't blame him for being excited, given that his destination was Bolivia. Fishing locations can’t come much more far removed than an English estuary, and there were some rather wonderful catches to behold, including a Golden Dorado – which looked like it had been spray-painted yellow – and some very grumpy looking dogfish.

What's the verdict?

How good is Robson Green: Ultimate Catch? Well, it's completely entertaining even if the very idea of fishing makes your brain snore. Odd, but true. And there you were thinking Green's finest achievement was that cover of Unchained Melody...


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