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What was on Saturday 24th October

Young, Trans and Looking for Love

BBC Three - 9pm

Who's in it?

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill were the main focus of this documentary, but we were also let into the lives of other, non-Internet-famous trans people last night.

In a nutshell

Anyone who peruses certain news sites – think BuzzFeed or Huffington Post – will probably already have heard about Arin Andrews and Katie Hill. They made the headlines not just for being young and transgender, but for being in love. One a female-to-male, the other a male-to-female transgender person, they not only developed romantic feelings but their story was an inspiration for other people going through the same thing around the world.

Given that this documentary was inevitably aimed as much at raising awareness among non-trans folk as it is about encouraging people in the same situation, it was perhaps understandable that there was a big emphasis on the physical side of things – the life-changing reassignment surgery, and how the outer expression of the body affects the inner sense of self. This was certainly felt by transgender girl Claire, who was hugely self-conscious that she still had male sex organs, and whose dating life has suffered as a result. As she bluntly put it, "Straight guys just can't get over you having the male parts.”

What's the verdict?

This has really been the year of trans awareness all over the world, and last night’s documentary did a great job of being both hugely enlightening and breezily entertaining. Some reality shows really do earn their keep.


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