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Betty White's Off Their Rockers

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Who's in it?

Wielding giant wine glasses, slathering chocolate frosting on buff men's bodies, and wisecracking about her obsession with Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Betty White was an absolute delight in this deliciously cheeky new show.

In a nutshell

Betty White was in The Golden Girls, which for the benefit of younger readers was a very popular 80s sitcom about a gaggle of fun-loving older ladies. We say again: the 80s. Incredibly, Betty is not only still going strong today, in her ninth decade, but she's even more mischievous than ever. In fact, she's now fronting a sort of OAP version of Punk'd, with her fellow oldies merrily appalling unsuspecting young folk on the streets of the States.

In a succession of quick-cutting skits, we saw plenty of brilliantly bad behaviour. Including an old chap pretending to be blind and throwing bird food all over two incredulous teenage girls, a foul-mouthed "nun" zooming past a young couple and shouting unprintable things at them, and – in perhaps the best moment of the episode – a twinkly-eyed old lady in an airport departure lounge casually asking a young hipster guy if he'd like to "join the mile high club" with her later. From the look on his face, he'll need serious counselling to get over the trauma.

What's the verdict?

Executed with aplomb, interspersing the practical jokes with raunchy sketches featuring Ms White herself, this is just great fun. And a reminder that obnoxious immaturity isn't just for the young…


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