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BBC One - 10.45pm

Who's in it?

Kayvan Novak and Bradley Walsh teamed up last night to make the unlikeliest telly double act since that advert with the singing cat and budgie.

In a nutshell

TV-land didn't quite know what to do with Kayvan Novak. Things were simpler back in the days he was a straight-up prankster and comedian, with shows like Fonejacker making him a bizarre and mysterious cult sensation. Then everyone realised he actually looked pretty handsome as well, leading to him turning up as an actual actor in a smattering of very different shows. Sometime he was the best thing about them (see the recent, abysmal Ben Miller sitcom Asylum).

Now, thankfully, he seems to have found a good vehicle for his talents as a wacky comic AND proper actor. Bright and breezy, and a bit Magnum PI, it’s got Novak as a chameleonic reporter who has to flee the UK after uncovering a deep dark conspiracy. Now he’s basking in Spain with his old journalist mentor Brutus (Bradley Walsh, clearly enjoying himself), and before long they were embroiled in a caper involving a whole bunch of lost cash. Kayvan got to do his voices, the sun shone down on iyllic locations, and it was – all in all – just the thing to see in the first weeks of summer.

What's the verdict?

With two star turns from an immensely likeable duo, SunTrap may be lodged late in the BBC listings but it deserves to be discovered by anyone hankering for feel-good entertainment. Soak it up.

Star rating: 4/5

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