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Ice Cold Gold

Discovery - 9pm

Who's in it?

We were back in Greenland with drillers, geologists, dredgers, "hard rock miners" and other specimens of extreme manliness for the new season of this OTT reality show.

In a nutshell

Here's what we discovered last night: in Greenland, meat is cheaper than cucumbers. Or at least, seal meat is. Because there are millions of seals just begging to be eaten by hungry locals, apparently, while cucumbers and other veg has to be imported. There you go: proof that ridiculous reality shows CAN teach you something. The rest of the show was slightly less enlightening, but consistently entertaining. If your idea of entertainment is watching hard-as-nails guys drilling stuff in Greenland.

Thanks to its Michael Bay-like direction (all thumping music and epic shots across barren landscapes) and plethora of shots of very big drills, it was kind of like Armageddon without the meteor. Instead, it was all about mining for buried treasure: the rubies and sapphires and gold hidden beneath the Greenland ice. The scenery was stunning, the guys were grizzled, and… well, that was about it. Low on witty banter and knowing asides, it was instead all about MEN being MEN, and it certainly drilled that home.

What's the verdict?

Ice Cold Gold is the kind of show that makes office workers glad the most arduous thing they have to face is making tea for more than two people at the same time. Armchair action heroes may feel a little inadequate by comparison, though.


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